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Will he get deported and not be aloud to enter Canada ?
Wondering what will happen... A friend got pulled over last night and blew over here in Canada he is an American citizen though and was here with his company.
You would need to speak to a Canadian lawyer
Its my 4th lifetime dui, and 2nd in 10 years. What sentence am I looking at for dui general impairment no bac available?
Charged with dui general impairment/incapable of driving safely. Was viewed on video surveillance existing the vehicle. Officers arrived at the scene and placed me under arrest. I was offered no tests.
Because of your prior driving record, your question cannot be answered in a vacuum. If you care about the outcome, the...
Was charged with dui general impairment/incapable of driving safely. 4th lifetime, 2nd in 10 years no bac available.
Was charged with dui general impairment/incapable of driving safely. Was viewed on video surveillance existing vehicle.
You should hire an attorney immediately so you can go over all of your options and possible defenses. There is...
My papers had dui marked on it 2 times for different reasons, can they charge me twice for a dui if its the same incident?
i was in a drnking and driving accident where i went to the hospital after getting hit by a train.
First, you should absolutely hire a qualified DUI attorney in the county where this place. As far as your question,...
Can I be charged with the DUI without any test's being administered?
I have been charged with DUI gen imp/inc of driving safely, recklessly endangering another person, drg lic sus/rev, driving without a license, restrictions on alcoholic beverages, public drunk, disorderly conduct, and retail theft. The police were not at the scene at the time of the incident they arrived afterwards. The arresting officers have video surveillance of me getting out of the drivers side door and inside the store. I was not given or offered test's of any kind (pbt, bac, field sobriety etc..)
The short answer is, yes, you can be charged without undergoing any field sobriety tests. Your first priority now is...
Is a person eligible for an OLL if revoked from ARD?
If a 1st time DUI Highest offender is placed into ARD, serves the 60-day suspension but is later revoked from ARD due to a "technical violation," once re-sentenced, are they eligible to Petition for an OLL after serving another 60-day suspension or are they now forced to serve the entire one year suspension? After extensive research there seems to be a gray area with this disposition.
While I am not entirely sure, I believe you could get an OLL through PennDOT under these circumstances. It's probably...
Pulled over to the side of road...took keys out of ignition...drank a lot and was found by a state trooper. Will I be charged?
Pulled over to the side of a back road and drank way too much. Keys were not in ignition. Didn't drive anywhere, actually tried to get out and walk home (Within a mile). Couldn't even do that. State Trooper found me.
Were you in the car? Too many variables and we cannot say whether or not charges will be filed. Contact a local...