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What is the best legal approach to a first DUI with having blown a 0.081?
I was recently pulled over for failure to maintain lane, and then arrested for DUI with a 0.085 by the road, and a 0.081 at the station. I had had two beers over a three hours period, and felt perfectly capable of driving. Unfortunately, I hadn't eaten since noon that day (this took place at 2:16 AM), thus my body wasn't processing the alcohol the way I would normally expect it to. I passed all the FS tests, and after having taken the breathalizer the first time, the officer refused to tell me the results until much later in the evening (I don't know if they're supposed to or not). What chance do I have of beating this charge, and how should I go about things from here?
You need to hire a qualified DUI lawyer, and hire one quickly. You have limited time to make sure that your driving...
What's the statue of limitions on DUI
My husband lost his license due to DUI's in 2000. In 2001 he was sentenced to 14 years in prison for assault. We are trying to find out how to obtain his license. If he still has to take the classes or where we go from here.
He likely has to take alcohol / drug class, 40 hours community service, and complete the other requirements of his...
Can I get a Hardship license with Pending DUI"s?
I hve not been convicted yet I have 3 pending I was going through a hard time. I am also in a treatment center which I been here for 6 months which has changed my life. I would like to know the chances since I haven't been convicted? Also if there are any attonerys that can set up a payment plan to handle 3 cases I would like to contact you. Two in Fulton one on Dekalb
It's is possible to get a hardship license. But I don't necessarily think that a judge will be willing to sign off on one.
How can a DUI show on my criminal history if I was not charged?
Plead guilty to a maintain lane charge, fine was paid, was not charge with DUI
This could be a clerical error, I would recommend contacting the clerk of court in the jurisdiction that appears to be...
What should I expect on a first DUI with an out of state license ?
I was stopped for a lane violation and then subject to a field sobriety test. I failed, and was considered to being under the influence. I did not provide a proper breathalyzer on two consecutive tries.
First, how do you know you failed the tests? Second how do you know the tests were administered properly? You need to...
I got a DUI in VA but had a Georgia license
I got a DUI in VA while having a Georgia license, since the DUI my GA license has expired. I never got a VA license but I did get an ID card. I was told by someone that I would not have to go through the hoops that VA has in place for DUI offenders because Georgia is not under the interstate compact, and the DUI will not effect my ability to have a license. Is this true? Thank you.
Even though Georgia is not a member of the Interstate Compact, there is still the National Driver Register which is a...
Does Georgia extradite DUI misdemeanor warrants?
I live in Colorado and quit reporting to probation 6 years ago.
It's up to the individual county where the warrant is, but probably not.