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my probation officer told me I don't need any document from court to prove it was paid. I never got any paperwork. I'm in Florida; does this sound right?? What should I do?
No, but it may be for Florida. I'd contact a local lawyer and see what they say is normal. Most offer free consultation...
My court date i did not go to was to select a jury. I believe a no bond. Bench warrent has been issued
Almost definitely yes. Hire an attorney ASAP and handle the issue instead of running away from it. Fleeing the state...
22 years old, US citizen, previous warrant for not paying $137 of fines (driving without a license in Polk County)
Yes. The judges and prosecutors in Marion County are very harsh. I would suggest that you do what ever you can to get...
2 prior driving suspended unknowingly before Dwi now the ticket he has says third degree felony what is going to happen
He needs to retain a good DUI lawyer. This is a serious charge. The lawyer can guide him through the process.
Had a dwi two prior driving on a suspended license before the dwi unknowingly. After the dwi license was suspended and caught driving went to jail for 90 days.. but not for a dui.. and yesterday got caught driving on the 5 year suspended license. What sentence could be faced. Oh and a hernando come let him go with a ticket instead of taking to jail
In Hernando County, you are facing up to five years in prison. Driving while license suspended, after being declared a...
I recently got pulled over for driving on a suspended license but I am a habitual offender. I have court coming up and they listed it under a third degree felony. I have never had a felony charge before this.I have had 3 prior dwls what am I looking at when I go to court? Ive never been in trouble for anything else either. Is probation a maybe?
Here is my sincere advice (no matter who you hire): Hire a private attorney ASAP. It is possible that you could face...
I have been on probation for 11 months now for a DUI. I end in less than three weeks. I have done everything I was supposed to do. My schooling, my victim impact panel, my service hours and have never failed or missed a drug screen. The only thing is I am past due on court fees. I owe a large sum. My probation officer's supervisor had her to type up a violation report and eventually issue a warrant. Seeing that I have completed everything required on my probation minus the fact that I still owe money when I do go to jail and at my first appearance , what are my chances on the judge overruling my case and just having me do a payment plan and not serve any jail time at all? I have no prior record except for my DUI I received 11 months ago, and was released on ROR
This is a somewhat complicated issue that was recently addressed by the Florida supreme court. The court held: before...