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How can I find an affordable license reinstatement lawyer?
I got a DUI in 2011, My case in ending shortly
You can click on the find a lawyer link at the top of this page to locate many attorneys who handle Secretary of State...
My attorney for my 2nd dui hasn't recieved the video from the squad car from my arrest And it's been 2 months almost!
Is this a good or bad thing for me ? He could still receive it but doubtful he said it could go both ways?! I know that it won't get thrown out or anything Jus curious for opinions I didnt do breathalyzer (First dui 2006 and second 2014) lake county, il
You have an attorney. Your attorney is familiar with your case. All questions, including this one, should be addressed...
If granted RDP, can you drive to BAIID provider for calibration appointments?
I understand an RDP is very strict. If you have nobody to take the car in for you, how would you accomplish this requirement if you cannot drive there? Thanks.
You should call the baiid provider to assist you.
When schools run a background check on you does D.U.I. come up? I am nervous my DUI will suspend me from my program of study!
I am nervous about my teachers judging me.
Depends how thorough they are. There is no legal definition of background check.
I got a ticket for DUI in Missouri....I refused to blow on the scene and never blew at the station. I was released 4hrs later
on my own recogness. i believe I was under the legal statue. What happens to my illinois DL.
You will want to hire the best counsel you can in MO to fight the charges, because Illinois will revoke your license if...
If I refused the breathalyzer and was never convicted of a DUI, shouldn't my license be immediately reinstated by IL SOS?
McHenry IL - I plead to a reckless driving and not a DUI.
Remember there are two parts to a DUI case. The criminal case which you had reduced to reckless driving. I assume is...
I have one prior DUI 2009 that shows it was reduced to reckcless, I am now faced with another DUI, the petition to resind
is already in place what is the liklihood that I will be able to continue to drive? This is so financially devistating, I am moving out of my rental selling everything I have due to I know what I paid previously and I know what is ahead of me now. I tend to lose my career if I can't drive, I drive everyday for my job, I'm a territory manager. I'm so affraid of the outcome this time.
If the petition to rescind is not granted, you will be suspended. If you had a previous suspension in 2009, you will...