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How can I get my license back and an attorney that deals with that, I heard about post relief conviction. And a lawyer near me
My cousin used my license and got 4 dui's, I lived in Virginia at that time. Went back home, Burlington nj and got locked up and he is not going to step and say he was driving.
Click on find a lawyer and search for one who practices DUI law and is licensed in your state. Most offer a free...
What can we do to avoid conviction of charges if possible?
My husband was pulled over because when he was driving into the exit to 295 the car was touching the white line. The cop called it an improper lane change. As he was getting pulled over he had his signal on to pull over when it was safe to do so and the officer said he had his signal on for too long. That's two tickets. My husband smokes marijuana sometimes and he smelled of it. The police officer smelled it and found a piece of one he was smoking earlier that day. He gave him a breathalyzer and field sobriety test which he passed. The officer charged him with a DWI and possession of drugs as well, and reckless driving. He impounded our car and took him in. Do we have any way of avoiding the DWI charge?
More information would be needed regarding how he did on the field sobriety testing. Most attorney who practice in...
How will getting a DUI in Oregon affect my New Jersey Driver's License?
In November of 2010, I got a DUI in Pennsylvania and PennDot never communicated the information to New Jersey via the Interstate Compact. So, my New Jersey driving record is clean. However, when I got the DUI in Oregon, they initially charged me with a 1st offense - but later found the DUI in Pennsylvania. They are charging me with a 2nd and will suspend my driver's license for 3-years since the conviction for the Pennsylvania DUI wasn't until April, 2012. How will this affect my NJ Driving privileges? If this is solely a DMV issue - Oregon DMV should see this as a first. When the Oregon DUI is communicated back to NJ will it be a first or second? I have a clean NJ driving record and the Pennsylvania DUI never appeared on my NJ motor vehicle abstract and my insurance rates were never increased by the PA DUI Conviction.
Any state will use priors in other states when figuring DWIs so far as I have experienced. So Oregon should treat this...
New Jersey DUI Question?
I got a DUI in Oregon on 07/05/2016. I have to appear in Court on 07/12/17 for sentencing. The DUI in Oregon was originally treated as a 1st offense as my NJ driver's abstract is clean. However, I got a DUI in PA on 11/28/2010 which was never processed via the Interstate Compact. PennDot never communicated the DUI to Trenton DMV. Never had my NJ license suspended. Oregon is now treating the DUI as a 2nd as they discovered the PA DUI in a criminal database. They are going to suspend my license for 3 years because the CONVICTION date of the DUI in PA was 04/16/2012 which is less than 5 yrs. from the current DUI in Oregon;. Oregon goes by the conviction date, not the date of the offense. If it's within 5 yrs. then you lose your license for 3 yrs. instead of the standard 12-months for a 2nd DUI in Oregon. My question is - when the Oregon DUI is communicated to NJ via The Compact - will NJ DMV view this as a first since my driver's abstract is clean? Or will they suspend me for 3 years like Oregon>
I do not know. In NJ it is a 10 year step down but it goes from event date. If it is a first on the NJ books they may...
How does Interstate Compact work??
I have a clean NJ driver's abstract. My 2010 DUI in Pennsylvania never came through the Compact. Penndot never communicated it to Trenton and I never had my license suspended by the DMV in NJ + no Insurance Surcharges or increased insurance rates. It is now July of 2017. Am I in the clear? If the DUI in PA from 2010 hasn't been communicated to NJ DMV in 7 years - I don't see it happening in my future. Nobody knows except me. I do have a DUI charge I am facing in Oregon (from 07-05-2016) which I am assuming will be communicated to NJ after sentencing next week.. NJ should look at this as a 1st and suspend me for 7 months. My bac was .15. Any thoughts - anybody. I was thinking about moving to Oregon since my kids and grandchildren live out West. Maybe I should just come back to NJ and be driving again in 7-months???
I wouldn't count on your Pa. DUI going unnoticed when Oregon reports theirs. That would make you a second offender in...
Is it possible for a drug testing site to switch a oral drug test causing me to fail a drug test?
I went 5 weeks without smoking or ingesting marijuana and still failed an Oral Eze drug test. If I fail the second one my case will be brought back to court and the charges will be more severe. Is it possible my sample was switched at the testing site?
Marijuana will be detectable in your urine for about 28 days after you smoke it. It is quite possible that the lab made...
What will happen with a second offense with Marijuana?
First offense at 18 was expunged after a year probation. Second offense was caught with a gram. Will he serve jail time or loose his license? He has a CDL license.
If he gets a good lawyer and that lawyer can find a defense he won't lose his license or get jail time. That being...