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Was it bad that I took a drug test that more than likely is going to come back positive for meth when dss is involved. 8
My ex told the cops after being called on a demostic where my husband was throwing me to the ground hitting and kicking me, that I was doing meth. The cops then called dss out to the scene where they asked for a drug test. I took one where my husband refused. Did I do the right thing considering that I know that it's going to come back postive? And will the fact that I cooperated look better than as for my husband refusing to take one at all saying all he had was weed in his system. Dss placed the kids with a mutual friend or ours. Neither one of us are supposed to be around the girls or face period time
I dint know what you meant by "face period time". I understand why the cops called DSS- sounds like there was a violent...
I got a DUI in Sc in 2007 and now reside in NC. I blew a .08 and lost my license.
I lost my license due to a DUI in SC in 2007 and now I reside in NC. I was ordered to attend ADSAP classes and due to the cost have never been able to. Since I blew a .08 which is legal limit is there anything I can do? Can I attend classes in NC for my SC case?
You should post this question in SC, but I will answer it according to NC (the law might be similar, but you should...
Can I be charged for DUI in NC that I received in 2013
I was charged with a DUI 2/2013 at a traffic stop. My attorney has put the case off until this month 11/16. Is there a statue of limitation for being charged?
As a DWI is a misdemeanor in NC, there is a 2-year statute of limitations for the State to bring the "charge" against...
Looking for a dui attorney in hickory
Old case, 2004. Dui in hickory, looking for an attorney that can help me with a reasonable flat fee.
Interesting scenario. Did you miss your court date from 2004, and recently served with the Order for Arrest, or has it...
Gott A dui in 2009 dont have licences yet think i have to take2hrs class is that true
How Many Hours Are Need For one dui and its been7/8 years. Since
Doesn't matter how long it's been since you were convicted All who are convicted of DWI in NC must have an alcohol...
If I just received A DUI conviction in TN and have a pending DUI conviction in NC, can TN make me receive more punishment?
DUI conviction on 22 November 2016, and arrest on 29 October 2016, prior revocation due to outstanding payment on previous DUI in 2009.
If you're licensed by TN , then get convicted of a DWI in NC after being convicted of DUI in TN, then TN DSHS will...
Can you sue an attorney if his paralegal or office manager takes the down payment but doesn't do anything more?
I called a law office was given an appointment. Spoke with a paralegal about representing me at a driver license hearing at the dmv. I was givin a price and I gave my 300.00 down Payment. We were texting and emailing for a couple weeks but soon it all stopped. Nothing! I was not represented and she doesn't answer my texts or emails.. The law offices are still open. I went by there twice and each time. They were in court. What can I do besides report them to nc bar association?
Look at your representation agreement and see if you paid a retainer or paid for legal services. If you only paid a...