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Do I need an attorney?
I received a DUI on New Year's Eve which is the only trouble legally I've ever been in. I'm a teacher and this will look horrendous on my background. I am not looking to fight the case whatsoever but am trying to find a way I can get the charge dropped to reckless driving or get some kind of first offender help?
There is no first offender for DUI. You can either try and negotiate the DUI to reckless or hire an attorney to try for...
Can I present a letter to the Judge for my husband?
My husband was on probation for DUI, speeding, and driving without a license since early last year. He was arrested on 8/1/14 for driving without a license and went to jail. I got him out, but when he went to court on the probation violation, he was sentenced to serve the rest of the probation of 6 months in jail. We paid his bond of $1,293 and he got out. He went back to court on 10/8 for the new charge and was found guilty. He was sentenced to 90 days. He won't be out until January. Would writing a letter to the judge on his behalf do any good? We're trying to get him home for the holidays. He's already lost his job and has to find a new one. I'm having trouble with the bills alone and the kids miss him. I have something drafted. Can I go to the court and present it?
Since he has already been sentenced it would be a wasted effort. Ask his lawyer about the prospects of a motion for...
Charged with DUI but I wasn't driving?
I was charged with DUI after my car was found wrecked in trees. I was picked up at my home. The police were told I was driving by someone else. That person was not there but assumed I would have been the driver. I wasn't driving but don't know who was.
If you didn't admit to driving then you have a very good case.
I have a DUI and I was on probation for dui what is the penalty
3 prior convictions,longer than 5 years ago
Wow! Not quite enough information to give any sort of credible answer. Doesn't sound good , so get yourself a really...
What is the normal punishment for failing a drug test on probation for a DUI 1st? And is it really in my favor to hire a lawyer?
Have been on probation since January 2014, completed all terms and paid fines to state in full. Never had any violations until yesterday , which I failed a drug screen for marijuana and cocaine. Have complied with all demands before this incident and passed multiple drug screens before now, my total probation time is 2 years (January 2014- January 2016). I am on Henry county probation .
It could be anything from additional terms of probation to revocation of probation. Hire a criminal defense attorney in...
What is the likely outcome of this VOP? HELP!!!!
My boyfriend was arrested in 2010 for driving with a suspended liscense & fleeing the police. He served 30 days and sentenced to 4 years of probation. He was under the impression his probation ended in November 2013 but it didnt. He stopped reporting & a tolling order was issued 2/25/13 & a warrant issued for his arrest. In April 2014 he paid all of his citation off and finally got his liscense reinstated. On a trip he was pulled over for doing 89 in 70. We had to pay his ticket and he was sent back to the county his warrant was issued in for FTA to his court date in 2/2013 but he never knew about it. He will be held in county jail for 9 days until his court date in front of his original sentencing judge. What is the likelihood that he will have to serve time? What can we do to avoid jail?
It is impossible to know the likelihood of jail time without knowing which court his case is in, and who the judge is....
If the police administer breathalyzer tests on multiple people, can they use the same tube or should they change that out?
20 kids were given tickets at a party for underage drinking. The basically lined the kids up and had them blow one after another into the same tube. To me if someone earlier blew a higher level then some of that might affect the next test.
Yes, this would be an issue for defense. You should get an attorney to examine the state's evidence.