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Is there a possible dui or related charge in the situation?
Is there a possible dui/related charge in the situation where you are car camping and after drinking outside the car, with no driving involved, you are confronted by police while sleeping in the car? I live in pennsylvania. Thank you.
Possible? Yes. More facts would be needed about what happened after the initial police contact. Contact a local...
How can they prove that he was dui if the THC and Carboxy found in his blood was from eating it "after" he was pulled over?
My son got pulled over for a broken license plate light. He then proceeded to eat the weed he had on him. He was taken into custody and then to the hospital hat was 10 minutes away for a blood test, but the cop kept missing exits and didn't get him there until 45+ minutes later giving the pot plenty of time to get in his system. My son was charged with dui and tampering with evidence.
That is the classic defense: he driver became impaired after he drive. The police must prove that he drove while...
Do all first DUI offenders have to do 6 months of probation? I'm on the fence to hire an attorney, what will really change?
First DUI- Do all first time DUI offenders have to do 6 months of probation? Of course money is always part of what decision that you make. Trying to see if it's worth hiring an attorney vs going with a public defender. The cop stated that they waited too long to test, beyond the 2 hour mark. The charges are the following: DUI: Controlled Substance - Impaired Ability - 1st Offense 1 75 § 3802 §§ D2* M DUI: Controlled Substance - Metabolite - 1st Offense 2 75 § 3802 §§ D1iii* M Driv While Oper Priv Susp Or Revoked 3 75 § 1543 §§ A S 4 75 § 3361 S Driving at Safe Speed DUI: Controlled Substance - Schedule 2 or 3 - 1st Offense
Trick question. People who are acquitted dont do any probation. You are charged eith drug offenses so you would do 72...
I have a DUI Is there anything I can do inre to this coming up on my background check as I cannot get a job?
I pled guilty to a DUI ..I had a public defender ..I had 3 charges against me 1. DUI 2. possession (although they were my own prescription and the police went through my handbag illegally) 3. I left the scene of the accidents as I had hit 2 cars. The PD made an agreement w/the DA to drop leaving the scene and possession if I would just plead guilty to the DUI ..I am writing all this info because in hind-site I wish I had not pled guilty and taken my chances but I was afraid to get put on the stand inre: leaving the scene and this was the 1st time I ever had any contact with the law or had ever been in trouble in all my 50 years so if someone else reads this and has to make a decision about pleading guilty, I would advise them to try and borrow funds if they have no monies as in my case as I know if I had a good attorney I could have possibly got found not guilty, hopefully someone reading this can learn from my mistake! I received 6 months non reporting probation and 1 yr license suspension along w/many court costs FOR MY QUESTIONS! 1. I cannot pay my crt costs as I have no income 2. I cannot get a job as all the charges come up on the backgrnd chk
All jurisdictions allow the accused to withdraw their plea of guilty, but there is a strict time limit in which to do...
Was i cited for DUI?
I was stupid and got pulled over for DUI. I was taken to the station and had to give a blood test. Thing is now, I'm not sure what is going on. The officer was nice enough to take me home after the fact but I didn't receive a ticket or any paperwork what so ever. What is going to happen now?
In about a week you will get a criminal complaint in the mail. It will also include the date of your arraignment and...
My court docket says dui 1st offense it is my third within 10 years, can they use the prior dui's in court?
I got a dui in February in PA. My court docket says dui 1st offense highest tier. It is my third dui within the last 10 years. Can the prior dui's be held against me?
In most jurisdictions, prior crimes are considered by the prosecutors settlement offers and Judges for sentencing....
Will he get deported and not be aloud to enter Canada ?
Wondering what will happen... A friend got pulled over last night and blew over here in Canada he is an American citizen though and was here with his company.
You would need to speak to a Canadian lawyer