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What happens if you fail a egt test and on 2 year deferred ?
Drank very heavily two days ago and may have to test tomorrow afternoon
There's not enough information to answer your question. If a condition of your probation is to not consume alcohol,...
Oklahoma dui
I lost my license to a dui in Oklahoma I received 3 yrs suspension and 2 yrs of a interlock device if I do a 5 yr suspension will that void out the interlock device I don't have a vehicle I can use solely for myself
Check with the prosecutor. It will be up to them.
Aggravated DUI
currently on a un-supervised 2 year deferred sentence, probation
What's the question? I see only statements
Can I drive a motor scooter that is less than 50cc or 35cc in the state of Oklahoma if my drivers license is revoked?
I got 2 duis in 2011, and I finally went to court on July 9 of the year, but because both duis hit the DMV at the same time my license is now revoked and they are telling me that I am not eligible for a restricted license. I have two jobs and I need to get back and forth to work. What can i do to get around? (without having to take a cab). Thanks for your help.
One is not required to possess a valid drivers license while operating a Motor Scooter (35 cc or less) pursuant to 47...
I am on probation and got caught driving without a license. What could happen during my trial?
I am on probation for an aggravated dui and got caught driving without a license. The aggravated dui is the first offense I've ever had and the only reason why I drove is because my fiance is on prescribed medication and passed out while driving home from her grandparents' house for Easter. Am I going to jail for violating my probation or is there any way that I can just receive fines and a longer probation?
you could be found guilty or your could be found not guilty.
How do I obtain an Oklahoma driver's license if I got a DUI in California?
I got a DUI years ago while living in CA, but recently moved to Oklahoma. I fulfilled all the necessary DUI requirements, except for the reinstating my license by getting an SR-22 and installing an breathalyzer. I don't know if I need the breathalyzer in Oklahoma, since Oklahoma doesn't require it for a first time offense. Overall, what measures do I have to take to get a drivers license?
Contact OK DMV and ask. Most states require reinstatement in the old state before they will issue license in the new...
What will a DUI do to my deferred sentence?
I have a 10 year deferred sentence for multiple counts of embezzlement, and was recently arrested for a DUI and possession. Since these are unrelated crimes, will the recent arrest impact my embezzlement deferment?
Yes. Most likely. Get a criminal defense attorney. You may also have a warrant.