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I got a dui and blew 1.6 what will happen next
Its my first one and I blew 1.6 if the second part gets dropped do I still loose my license for a year or 90 days?
If you blew a .16 your license will be revoked for 1 year and you can only drive with IID. Your plates will be...
DUI Charges, or not? How long before I know?
On March 21, 2012 I was involved in a non-physical fight with my spouse. The cops were called. I had been bowling and had been drinking. When they pulled me out of my house they asked if I had been drinking. I said Yes. Asked if I had driven home. I said yes. When I was arrested they said suspicion of dui (blew .092) and 5 degree assault threat of bodily harm. Took UA at station. Was taken to jail. Next day at bail hearing all that was charged was the assault. Been 26 days and no results.
You indicated you were arrested and charged with a suspicion of a DUI. You consented to a breathalyzer and produced a...
How hard is it to fight a dui that you didnt get caught driving?
I had a domestic non physical argument in my home where the cops were called. When they arrived they found out I had been drinking and that I had driven home. Im now being charged with dui and 5th degree assault fear of bodily harm. Is there a way to fight the dui?
Yes. The way to fight the DUI is to retain a good DWI defense lawyer, defend the DWI criminal charges and challenge...
I just rrecently got my fist dui. I blew a .08. i also had a minor in the car. what are my options now? or what will happen?
i got pulled over for accidently forgettin to pay for gas was questioned about drinking. i said i had a couple beers. i blew a .08 and was arrested for a dui. i had a minor in the car. what are my options and what should i do?( i went back and paid for the gas)
Generally, with a first time DUI, and a .08 reading, you will be given a reduction and be allowed to plead guilty to it....
Is there a way to fight a dui?
My father got a dui in August, he was sitting in his van with the keys in the ignition. The vehicle was off and he was not planning on driving. He was on the phone with my brother when the cops walked up on him, he was asking my brother for a ride. Is there a way to fight the dui? Or get a lesser charge?
There are a great many options and possibilities. The state must prove that your father was in physical control of the...
I'm on probation in one county and live in another duiand1st burg i just got another dui and am wonderinwhat happens canimovebak
1st degree burglary second dui second violation first was missed a meeting got two weeks... might my probation be reinstated and can i move back.... No family now will lose two jobs and be homeless
You need to contact an experienced DUI attorney without delay. You have too much riding on your situation to just rely...
Tailgated by a police officer and it resulting in their probable cause for dwi arrest; unlawful restraint?
Cars are considered deadly weapons when fleeing (been a violent crime for a few years now). So, if an officer induced a driving error by following much to closely for a mile, could an unlawful restraint defense work? You can't speed up (you're going the speed limit), you can't slow down (you'd cause a collision), and you're terrified because if you have to make a defensive maneuver you'll likely also cause a collision. Thoughts?
Is this a hypothetical? It's unclear from your question whether something happened to you or not. Either way, the...