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What is NJ going to do with an out of state DWAI conviction?
I have a NJ driver's license. I took an offer of a DWAI in NY. First time offense, nothing prior on my license. I understand everything I need to do for NY, but I need help with what might happen with NJ.
Under New Jersey Law (N.J.S.A. 39:5D-4), the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJ MVC) may suspend the license of a...
Why doesn't NJ have a Conditional Driver License for work or school in DWI cases like most other States? It is not right.
I would like to know the reason N.J. does not have a Conditional License when so may other States do? My son-in-law lost his job due to a one time mistake in bad judgement. He ( our family) wrote to legislators who agree with us but 2 yrs later and still nothing about changing that, he also needed rides to the I.R.D.C. and AA meetings & many other places and with losing driving job he didn't have the money to pay all those fines and penalties!
Because the Governor vetoed the bill that would have. You must understand that it is very hard for a politician to say...
Is a second DWI in NJ the same charges as a 1st one if it is over 10 years later that you were arrested again?
getting a second DWI 12 years after a 1st one, how does that work in regard to the penalties? Confused
If the second is over ten years after the first one you should be able to get a 'step down' which means the second is...
Citizenship after a 2nd DUI in NJ?
I've been a permanent resident since 2007; was convicted of a DWI in 2004 and again in 2012, I have completed all requirements by the court including going to counseling and performing over 180hrs of volunteering work; so I am now ready to move forward and hopefully become a citizen, at the same time Im very worried about my past having a negative effect on my application, any light on the situation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
You need to speak to an immigration attorney. I believe there may be some hope.
My car was parked and was sideswiped by a drunk driver who was arrested. They had to tow my car. Am i responsible for tow.
fees and overnight storage. Police called tow cause the axel is broke due to accident.
This is probably a question you should be asking your car insurance carrier. Did you make a claim? Do you have...
Need an experienced lawyer!
1st time dui charged with driving down a one way, reckless driving, careless driving, no seatbelt and operating under the influence. Blew a .16 in the station on alcotest. I need an Attorney who has experience in Cliffside Park, NJ to help. Clean record 100% before this. Is it possible to at least get out of having to install interlock device?
Yes it is possible to get out of having to install an ignition interlock and maybe even win the DWI if your lawyer can...
Does DYFS get notified when there is a DUI? No kids were in the car.
I have an open DYFS case and got a DWI. I want to know if they will be notified. The case is supposed to close out before the Court date. Thanks.
The Division will likely learn of the DWI. The Division also consistently check criminal databases to see if a parent...