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1st DUI dismissed. 3 years ago, but just got another DUI 2 weeks ago
If the 1st DUI was dismissed and I wasn't charged. Then this new DUI should count as my 1st one in court correct? If I am convicted ?
The only thing that counts our convictions. Thus, if you have no other DWI convictions, this would be your first. I...
Can i get a new york dwai off my new jersey driving record as a dui
i was charged in new york state with a dwai blowing below a .08 and came off my record in new york and it now shows up on my new jersey drivers license as a dui
You can't get it off. A DWAI is considered in NJ a DWI and it will stay on your driving record for life. Thus the...
Will I go to jail for violating my conditionally discharged probation by failing my first drug test?
End of November I got arrested for possesion of less than 50g of marijuana and paraphernalia, first time offender. I did not stop smoking at that time like I should have. I have stopped smoking Now but I have 20 days till my first court date, where I assume I will be starting my probation period. Knowing my smoking habit I am not sure I will pass the test. So is it possible to delay this first court date on the 31st so that I can be completely clean by the next court date. Or should I keep this court date and play it out with the PO saying that I haven't smoked in 30+days which by the time I get tested it would be true, and that I'm trying to get clean but I used to be a heavy smoker?
I would suggest that if you had/have a lawyer for your case you ask him or her this question as they will know your...
If My friend got a DUI in NJ and the NY application is asking him if He's ever gotten convicted of a crime, say yes or no?
My friend is applying for state licensure to be a Cota. He got charged with a DUI in New Jersey does that mean it's a crime in New York? To get his license in NY it's asking him if hes ever been convicted of a crime (felony, misdemeanor) should He say yes or no?
In New Jersey a driving under the influence conviction is considered a traffic offense not a criminal violation....
How long can dfc take your kids away from failed drug test?
My friend test positive for molly,weed, and acid and now her kids are being taken the father now there going to hair test her for the same substance. The dfc also told her she will have to go program.
Until they think it is in the best interest of the children to return them. That is, no limit. Her first step is to...
What happens for refusing a blood and urine test for a dui in new jersey
I passed a breathalyzer than refused the blood and urine test
A warrant is required for blood or urine. The implied consent law only covers breat tests.
I have a dui in New Jersey I passed the breathalyzer but failed the field test, I also didn't consent to blood and urine. What s
I passed the breathalyzer but failed the field test and I didn't consent to blood and urine
An officer can always give you a DWI or DUI it is now it is up to you to fight it. It sounds like you have a good case...