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Need an experienced lawyer!
1st time dui charged with driving down a one way, reckless driving, careless driving, no seatbelt and operating under the influence. Blew a .16 in the station on alcotest. I need an Attorney who has experience in Cliffside Park, NJ to help. Clean record 100% before this. Is it possible to at least get out of having to install interlock device?
Yes it is possible to get out of having to install an ignition interlock and maybe even win the DWI if your lawyer can...
My car was parked and was sideswiped by a drunk driver who was arrested. They had to tow my car. Am i responsible for tow.
fees and overnight storage. Police called tow cause the axel is broke due to accident.
This is probably a question you should be asking your car insurance carrier. Did you make a claim? Do you have...
DWAI in NY with NJ license. Which state's DMV handles the DDP I have to attend?
My driving privileges were suspended for 90 days in NY for DWAI (1st offense). I have a NJ license. Which state's DMV administers my DDP? How long it takes until I receive notification from the DMV to enroll in the DDP? Will my NJ license be suspended as well, and for how long? Thank you.
More information is needed but normally your NJ license will be suspended for 3 months as well.(there are some...
I have a NY Conditional License after a DWAI. I am moving to NJ can I get a NJ license prior to the end of my revocation?
I get my full license back in December 2015. I cannot drive anywhere by to and from work/my house (address on my license). I am not permanently moving to NJ but temporarily. Can I keep my NY license and change the address on my conditions? Since I believe NJ will not allow me to get a license when I have a conditional in NY.
You cannot get a license in NJ while revoked in another state. And your license from NY will show that you are not...
I got into an accident while driving w/o my interlock. What are the fines in nj
minor accident, not drunk
Re-post this in the criminal/traffic section. Good luck.
Does DYFS get notified when there is a DUI? No kids were in the car.
I have an open DYFS case and got a DWI. I want to know if they will be notified. The case is supposed to close out before the Court date. Thanks.
The Division will likely learn of the DWI. The Division also consistently check criminal databases to see if a parent...
NJ License suspended due to DUI in NJ, Can i drive in other states with same license?
I got a DUI NJ and have a court hearing on June 10, If convicted and get my license suspended can i drive in other states in US with the same NJ license?
In most states no due to the interstate compact. Most states will honor The NJ suspension of your NJ driving...