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I am in the military. While out of country we were on liberty and I violated the drink limit. I was drunk and playfully hit ...
a girl on the butt. She didn't like that and short of the story is my chain of command found out and is talking about sexual assault charges. She is not pressing any after being repeatedly asked. If there is no accusation can I rightfully be charged with sexual assault? I understand me violating the drink limit and I'll accept consequences for that. But being a sexual offender when there is no accusation?
Don't post details on the Internet. She does not "press charges." That is up to the command, or the state if it is...
Will being in the Marine Corps help me get a job if I have a DUI?
I got a DUI a few weeks ago and my EAS date is coming in a year and a half. I already paid the consequences (NJP) but I was wondering how bad the DUI will look on my record when I get out. The main question I have is since I served if it will make it easier on me to get a job with the dui on my record.
It's near impossible to predict how a potential employer would react. There are just SO many different variables to...
Can I still still stay in the Marines with a underage drinking charge. I was not driving I was standing outside my vehicle
They are changing me with driving while impaired.
It may be possible. A lot of it depends on whether the charges are base charges or civilian and how they ultimately...
I'm on deferred prosecution in NC for obtaining property under false pretense.
I am on deferred prosecution for obtaining property under false pretense. I have served almost a year with no trouble. I have a drug test tomorrow I might fail for marijuana. if I am violated how much time am I likely to serve for this being this is my first offense and the item was under $50? I know you can't give an exact time but in your personal experience what would be likely to happen as far as sentencing.
If you are on deferred prosecution and violate your probation you would probably be brought back to court for a hearing...
My husband ex wife is on unsupervised probation after being on supervised. She still can't drive. She has three Dwi
So my husband ex wife is on unsupervised probation after being on supervised and she has three Dwi two of them she got back to back. She is now working at a restaurant bar. Can she be working at that place
Obviously if she's working there - then she can work there. So I suppose what you are really asking is whether it is...
I have a dwi warrant from 8 years ago. Hired an attorney but he keeps saying the warrant can't be stricken yet. Is this true?
Got a dwi while I was in the Marine Corps 8 years ago. It just popped up on my dmv record a month ago. I have a warrant out and have an attorney from the state the dwi was in. The lawyer said they the ADA tracked down my arresting officer who is now retired. I don't feel like the lawyer is being straight with me about getting my warrant stricken so I can get on with my life. I thought the courts let the Marine corps punish me since I had to do a month of inpatient and from the word of my staff sgt.
You haven't said which state charged you with drunk driving so if wasn't NC, you need to repost your question showing...
How do I get a restriction off my CDL
I got a dwi in 2001 in Greensboro N.C. I had a S.C license, I got my N.C license in 2014, and now have a CDL. There's a restriction on my license until 2017, it is keeping me from getting a job driving. How do I get it off, it's been many years.
Call DMV to see where the restriction stems from.