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Sentenced to license suspension for 2nd dui, sentenced to 180 hours community service have done 100 hours received a non-comply
received a non compliance summons, what should i do or expect
You should expect to be ordered to comply with the court's sentence. You will also likely be given an additional fine...
Frits ticket in 25 years was given DUI but I didn't fail breathalyzer test
The office Follow me as soon as I left a bar for 5miles then pull saying I couldn't Maintain my lane
If you did not fail blood alcohol test, what did the test read? You do not ask a question nor say if you were charged...
Is a small trace amount of a drug in the bloodstream considered "under the influence"?
After my husbands accident the autopsy found 24 ng/ml (a ng is 1 billionth of a gram) of nordiazapam in his system. Would such a small trace amount be considered in the eyes of the law as "driving under the influence"?
Depends on a lot of variables. You need to discuss the particulars of the case with an attorney who can sit down with...
What happens if you have three dwi and your license is suspended in NJ and you get pulled over in another state?
what happens if you get pulled over drunk and if you are not drunk but suspended for ten years in NJ for third dwi charge?
New Jersey is part of the interstate drivers compact and will be notified If you are convicted of any moving violation....
In the state of NJ is there probation for third dwi ? Sentenced to 180 days in jail getting out in 96 days early minimal release
will I be on probation when i get out of jail after serving 96 days? If I served the whole 180 days will there be probation when I get out?
You do not get a reduction of the 180 day. You get to serve 90 days in inpatient therapy. You do not get probation...
Have a DUI but need to drive for a sales job. Is there Anyway that's possible?
I am 21 in NJ with no past criminal record. I was stopped and given a DUI with a .11 BAC. I was a self employed photographer but its barely making a dent in my bills. Ive had plenty of prospective job offers but all require a license/transportation because Im in sales. I've read that there is no restricted license law in this state. Is there Anything that I can do to take one of these jobs? Any loopoleso that I can drive for work?
I'm afraid there are no work exceptions in NJ. You're only hope is to beat the dwi. Hire an experienced attorney for...
Can I appeal the length of an ignition interlock sentence?
2nd diu. Complied with all other requirments, community service, IDRC, ect.Still have 4 years of interlock after 2 years of license suspension.Also completed 6 months of I.o.p voluntary.
Really not enough information to answer. Likely not,, since it is over two years since your conviction, but knowing...