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Is this Crimanal ?
I had a Doctor in front of the NCMB his license was suspended . His defense was he would take addicts and give them what ever opioids they wanted to keep them from going to the black market. Yes you heard me right. No blood test no urine test. Said he didn't believe in these test they where inaccurate. And he didn't want to make them feel like crimanals. I have never heard anything like this in my life. 3 people died that had other stuff in there system. But he had a hand in this. His office has only open a year.
He sounds like a drug delaer. Yes, it appears his behavior is criminal.
What happens if i fail a drug assesement urine test?
I am currently on unsupervised probation and I have to go to a drug assesement class. I have recently smoked and was wondering what the consequences would be of failing the urine test. This is the first time I have had to appear anywhere or do anything since my initial court date.
You should not post anything more on line about this matter. You might be admitting to new offenses. And, you might...
I want to know if anything can be done about the time it took to try a dwi.
On 03/ 25/1994 my husband got a dwi. He kept calling to get it on the docket. They didn't try him until 09/12/1996. I think the statue of limitations had done ran out. I want to get it exsponged . He's hasn't drinked in over 20 years. Dmv don't want to believe he has not been driving. I was reading where there was a time limit they had to file this. We live in North Carolina. I'm doing everything I can to keep from having a interlock for so long. He was young but I don't think he should have to be punished the rest of his life. Thanks so much for any advice.
If he was charged on 3/25/94 and convicted on 9/12/96 and his case had been continued once or several times, whether...
I got pulled over and brought back to the station but released the same night. I blew .15 and i was not driving reckless or speeding. I lost my license for the next 30 days. When i go to court should i ask for a continuance or just get trial? Will i lose my license again for a year or is there a way to keep this off my record and keep my license?
This is far too serious of a crime and far too complicated to handle yourself. You really need to hire a criminal...
I got 1 pfj for dwlr and 5 moths later i have another one dwlr what will they do on 2nd dwlr no dui
i have no dui
I highly suspect you did not have an attorney and went to Court yourself on the first DWLR charge you mention because...
If a person goes to court for a DWI can he/she be later persecuted for a driving left to right ( wreak lass driving) ?
If a person went to court for a DWI and already got that taken care of , can the court then issue a driving on the wrong side of the road charge? Keep in mind the DWI has been taken care of.
It depends upon the facts. If it was just one criminal episode, and there is a separate ticket, the state might be able...
What happens when you get a speeding ticket while driving to an appointment with limited driving privileges?
This was two months after a DWI in North Carolina.
I am not licensed to practice law in North Carolina, but I would think you would get the ticket and then, if you are...