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Charged with felony DUI in Minnesota
I was just charged with felony DUI in Minnesota. I'm assuming that I'll be found guilty of the charges. My question is, if I plead guilty of the charges, is it possible to keep the felony conviction off of my record? I'm willing to do any treatment or DUI Court that's required to do this.
Contact an attorney right away to discuss. You shouldn't rely on this online forum for advice.
Can I be charged with dwi when I wasn't driving, but said I was.
Charged with dwi & test refusal. My boyfriend was driving, but I wasn't in the right state of mind & told them I was driving. I didn't refuse the test, i asked for a lawyer.
You can be charged if the prosecutor thinks there is probable cause that you committed a DWI and a test refusal. Your...
Will first DUI in WI cause my MN license revoked?
Was arrested for first DUI in WI for . 10. My license is from MN and clean so far. I have charged and instructed to take occupational license for next 6 month. Will the charge be valid also in MN and have to apply occupation license?
Even though WI is not part of the interstate compact, I've seen many situations like yours where MN finds out about it...
Is it still possible for me to be charged with dui?
I ran a red light and got pulled over. I failed the sobriety test, but passed the breathalyzer. They did a blood test and I'm pretty sure it's going to come up negative. There may be cannabis on the blood test.
Yes, it is very possible that you can be charged with DWI. It's likely that a charging decision won't cine until the...
How isb it legal for MN state to issue me a license then revoke it without my consent after I got a dwi?I got a DAR
I got a Driving After Revocation in the state of Minnesota. I Never applied for or had a license ever so how do I get a revoked license when I nevwr had a valid one ever? They said I am revoked foe a DWI I got in 2002 and a no valid (MN) drivers license with the dwi.I was told Minnesota issues and then revokes a Valid license then revokes it under that curcumstances but how is that legal to do that without ME applying for a DL?
I recommend contacting a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options. He or she will need...
In minnesota I recieved a dwi few years ago and got dropped to careless driving. However I was never informed about implied cons
Felony dwi in MN. unfair 4dwi's on civil record but only 3 on criminal.
It is theoretically possible to challenge that implied consent revocation now. The government would have to show that...
MN WI dwi
I would like to ask I was a resident of Wi for over a year, worked for company in WI, payed Taxes to state of WI, got dwi in WI but did not change my licance over from mn I can prove all of this so how according to dwi law jursdiction that it goes to the state you reside in and have done everything Wi has asked. I am valid in WI how can mn make me do more when to prove residency to get a licance you have to prove you live there I can prove I did not live there
Not sure I see a question here, but I vaguely see a question about where jurisdiction lies to file the dui/dwi....