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What will be the impact on visa stamping if there is a sis for dui?
Hi. My spouse has Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS) for DUI from Missouri state. He is no convicted. (Probation for 2 years). In this situation will there be any impact on the visa stamping for him and his spouse (me). We are from India and the extension is approved.
I can't give you specific advice on Missouri law, but under immigration law, if your spouse entered a plea of guilty or...
What should I do to get a dwi off of my record so that I can continue to ship off for the military?
I admit to having one drink about an hour before I was asked to go to the store for my girlfriends mom. I ended up running into a pole. My girlfriend and her friends made it there before the police and state trooper did, yet the first police officer told the state troops that he saw it happen. They performed the nystagmus test, the breathalyzer, and the straight line test. After that he only told me that I was under arrest and placed handcuffs on me before putting me in the back of the police car.
Hate to tell you but it's already on your record. The military looks at charges and the underlying conduct. You seem to...
What all does a mip of alcohol charge contain?
My son got a mip ticket for having beer in a ice chest in truck. They took his license and gave him a 30 day temporary one then his license will be suspended. So my questions are 1. does this go on his record and driving record? 2. Since it says on the sheet his license will be suspended (30/60 days do not know the exact amount of days on that since never dealt with this before and it is his first offense, i looked up online and some say 30 days first offense and some say 60) does that mean that there will be a reinstatement fee? 3. what is usually the sentence for a mip? He has not went to count yet and I have been trying to figure out what all will be done. Thank you in advance for any replies.
Hard to predict what will happen in Arizona but in Washington, a first offense MIP would usually result in a "Continued...
How much time would you have to duo in a class A 2nd degree murdercharge if u got 27 yrs in the state of Arkansas
Came in the house and shot someone in the head. Gang related and robbery
Are you asking about someone who has already been sentenced to 27 years in prison and is now facing a new charge of...
How can I prove my child's mother is using drugs again?
I have custody of my two sons ages 9 & 10. I was granted custody 3 years ago when my ex wife was in prison ed for aggravated distribution of methamphetamine. She has been out of prison for almost two years and has standard visitation. I suspect she is doing drugs again. I know I can petition for her to be tested but am afraid she will clear her system and bleach or shave her hair before the drug test is administered. What can I do to ensure an accurate testing or is there another way to prove her drug use?
Sounds like you answered your own question. You're going to need proof. You may want to consider hiring a private...
How long could i be in prison?
I got a dwi-drugs, fleeing from scene, careless driving, leavibg scene of accident/ injury, resisting arrest. It is my second offense. My first was small possession of weed.
It depends on quite a bit. The DWI alone is punishable by up to a year in jail. The fleeing could be, too, or it could...
How do I go about getting my license back I got a dwi living in Arkansas with a Texas drivers license ?
I was arrested in November of 2015 for dwi in Arkansas where I had been living for a few months but I still had a Texas drivers license because I didn't drive much and I only really used it to buy cigarettes I paid all my fines I took the dwi class and the madd panel. I went to get my license back in arkansas when this is when they informed me I also had to have 180 days of enterloc that was never brought up until feb or march 2017 when I went to get my license back and so I wen I was going to get the enterloc set up they informed me my Texas license was suspended so I had to call and get that cleared up so I call and they informed me I had to pay a surcharge of 1040 a year for 3 years and a reinstatement fee so my question is should I get punished in both states none of this stuff was court ordered except the fines and two classes what do I do ?
Yup, that's how Texas does it. A good lawyer would have told you at the very beginning to switch your DL to AR...