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  • Cummings sentenced to 175 years

    Wednesday Aug 17 | via Log Cabin Democrat 

    A jury sentenced Christopher James Cummings to 175 years in prison for shooting at deputies during a May 2015 high-speed chase. The jury of seven women and five men deliberated for about an hour and 45 minutes before finding 29-year-old Cummings guilty of all charges: two counts of attempted capital murder, possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms.


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  • Witness sells meth to undercover investigators

    Monday Aug 15 | via Log Cabin Democrat 

    A man who pleaded not guilty to selling meth to undercover investigators will be a witness in an attempted capital murder trial. Harvey Martin III pleaded not guilty Monday in Faulkner County Circuit Court to delivering and manufacturing a counterfeit controlled substance, a Class C felony.


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Mayflower Law

Can AZ impose conditions on getting a license in AR, 7 years after a single DUI conviction?
My daughter got her only DUI at age 19 or 20 in Az. She paid all damages, fines, & probation costs.. She is now 27, has been sober a year, has a great job and lives in AR. She has a slight disability that makes following a series of lengthy steps overwhelmingly difficult. There are numerous hoops to jump through. Is there any way to make getting her license back easier?
In Arkansas there are required fees and classes related to all DWI convictions before license can be reinstated. The...
In Sherwood, Arkansas, what is the statute of limitations on a charge of public intoxication ?
What changes about that if the defendant is already on probation for a 2nd DUI? Can the fine be paid without any jail time being served or is there a mandatory sentence? Also can a suspended drivers license be reinstated after the public intox fine has been paid? All DUI fines and probation costs have been paid,
Statute of Limitations doesn't matter as much with a criminal law, because of the Speedy Trial Rule, which requires...
My 21 yr old son was arrested in Gulf Shores, Alabama during a Music Festival for Public Intoxication. Do we need a lawyer?
No breathalyzer was administered , he was not read his rights and denied a phone call. He was told to sit down and was arrested when he stood up ask a question. Fines and fees are $500. He is a senior in nursing school. I do not know what effect this will have on his status in college. I am not sure what to do but it seems they don't have a case without proof. Please advise.
It is really worth hiring a criminal lawyer to represent him . It sounds like there are defenses and I'm afraid this...
Can a 17 year old be convicted of underage drinking if he admitted to it on Twitter after the fact?
17 year old also brought alcohol and younger teenagers were drinking it but they did not get caught until after the party
Yes, you can be convicted if you admit that you committed a crime. However, if there were no actual witnesses, a good...
I was sentenced to 60 days in jail for DWI 1. Now I am pregnant. What are my chances of requesting house arrest in lieu?
I have no priors, was sentenced to do 60 days within 120. I'm dumb apparently and thought it meant so long as I turned in by the end of 120 days I was following my orders. When I went to turn myself in I was refused at intake due to the officer not knowing "what to do with me"? I am pregnant for the 1st time and it is proving to be a very difficult pregnancy and I'm afraid to go through any complications that may affect my baby while incarcerated. Is there any chance of requesting house arrest in place of imposed sentence?
You need to talk to your lawyer that represented you in the DWI in the first place and see if the Court will modify the...
I have had my license suspended about two years ago for a dui, not been in trouble since then except driving with no license
i have 3 court dates in the same week for 3 4 and 5th driving on susp ticket on the 3rd i got 7 days in jail i am so scared of what i will get on the fourth and fifth. i live in arkansas . does anyone know
Probably longer each time. You may be able to qualify for a Colorado license one year after your last offense.
Got a dui in ar.
not diving at all
Fortunately your post is very vague. Consult a defense attorney immediately; you may have defenses to prosecution....