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Really worried about a man on probation and leaves state often deals drugs steals for many years ! Needs to be locked up
Reporting a crimal than steals deals drugs in Arkansas often is driving without DL and he's really bad on pain pills and his girl friend whom shoots ice and pills & he dangerous
Okay.... and do you have a question? Look, I don;t know who deputized you, making you responsible for ratting people...
Received a dui, child endangerment, and a cds charges in march and then received another dui and leaving the scene of accident
First three charges where in the month of march first time offender cds charge and the child endangerment are felonys and the other a misdemeanor then in the month of June I receieved another dui and leaving the scene of an accident causing damage both misdemeanors. I have an attorney, and have already taken the drug and alcohol assessments and currently in counseling and have enrolled in outpatient rehab already. What exactly am I looking at when I go to court in July ?
Your attorney is the best person to answer your question because he or she knows the case.
Can I do anything about having to drop my nursing program for a false positive?
I was drug tested on my first day of nursing school and had to drop my second day because they told me I wanted positive for thc and cocaine. They told me if I dropped the program within three days of the class starting everything would be okay and I wouldn't lose my pell grant or have to pay for the class. So I panicked and dropped it because I had no idea why I tested positive in the first place. They even told me that practically nothing causes you to test positive for cocaine except cocaine and that it was rare. Now I'm on an internal waitlist to get back into school and who knows when I will get back in. Then on top of it today I get a letter stating they are withdrawing my pell grant award. So I literally was made to drop the program for nothing and I'm a single homeless mother of five. That nursing program was everything to me. I'm being punished mercilessly for nothing. I didn't do anything. Yesterday they informed me that my more in depth drug test in fact came back negative. This is a nightmare. All for nothing.
This is not a DUI defense question, it's a admin law question.
How long will someone go to jail for 7 crimes
Will someone go to jail for doing these crimes: Trafficking drugs Open container of beer Open container of Alcohol DUI CDC Marijuana Posession of controlled substance Court date is august 1, 2017. Will Someone go to jail?
Add up the maximum sentence lengths for all those crimes. That's the most someone charged w all those things could get....
What is the statute of limitations on pos of a controlled sub. 1-4 grams
I was arrested at Winstar after a maid supposedly found drugs in a dresser. I had put the room in my name for friends and went into the room for 5 minutes to make sure maid service had been there at the desk clerks request. The deputies report is complete fiction that could be proven by Winstars tapes but I can't get them.
An attorney can subpoena the tapes. Assuming this happened recently, statute of limitations won't help you here.
How long is a DUID process back in may 12 I was arrested for Duid how does take to get charge and trial or dismiss
I was arrested in valley brook with DUID taken to oklahoma county jail where after 4.5 days I was bail out bu my dad who was out state. ON JUNE 15 there was a court date thay told me no charges were filed yeat no blood test came back yeat. I dont do drugs I hoping thay get drop how long blood test take. I take one for employment an be back in 5 mins this seem like a backwards system. I have a court on the 13 of jury what the chance I would be charge or it is drop then.
They have three years to file charges
Can i get my license reinstated if i didnt take dui classes ordered by judge, it has been 10 years ago that they were ssupened?
In 2007 i got a dui, i was ordered to take clssses but did not. I havent drove since 2007
Can't wait out the court order---they don't expire in any state I know of.