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I was charged with a class 6 felony child endangerment because I was pulled over for a dwi on prescription medication.
with my son in the car, I swerved to pick up a lit cigarette my VERY intoxicated husband dropped and it was burning the carpet in the car. they did nothing to him but send him home.
You need to have a private and privileged conversation with a local attorney about your defense and any other options...
Can I get a DWI in a hotel parking lot.
I had driven for about 13 hours to get to Salem Virginia for a shut down job. I decided to have a few drinks while I sat in my vehicle in the hotel parking lot so I could smoke since the hotel is 100% smoke free. It was cold that night so I had the vehicle running using the heater and I feel asleep. The police came through the parking lot and woke me up and saw the empty beers and asked me to submit to a field sobriety test which I refused because I thought I was on private property and had permission to drink in the parking lot from the hotel management. So I was arrested and charged with DWI.
Yes. Stay off the internet and stop posting evidence against yourself. Get a DUI attorney ASAP.
How do I get a Virginia license after getting a DUI in Georgia?
I got a DUI, first offense, in Georgia, about 2-3 years ago. I have to take a weekend DUI class/online class of about 30 hours to have it reinstated. I have recently moved to Virginia and want to know what I need to do to get a valid Virginia license. Do I just need to take the class and go to DMV here or is there something I need do in Georgia?
You would need to clear the matter up in Georgia.
Can I apply for US citizenship with 2 DWI's
I got my first dwi in 2000 and second one in 2007. After the second one I realized that I need to make amends in my life and since then stopped drinking. I also had my first kid in 2008 and presently I have 3 kids. I wanted to set a good example for my kids and be there for them all the time, so I had no option than to quit drinking and lead a good life style. In 2007, I applied for citizenship, went through all the steps and at the interview day, the interviewer told me a decision cannot be made at that time, so I will hear from them soon. My case was approved but I was never notified. Three months later I went to their office to inquire and I was told my case has been approved but the finger printing has expired. Which means I had to go in for a new finger printing. Unfortunately, whiles waiting for the fingerprinting letter I got my second dwi, and based on that I was denied. Since my second dwi in 2007, I have not even had a traffic ticket and wants to keep maintaining such a good life style as an example for my kids. Is it a good time to apply personally, or do I need and immigration lawyer in this regard. Thanks.
If you remained sober for the last 10 years as you explain here, then go ahead and apply for citizenship. Better...
Can I get a restricted license after a felony DWI?
In 2014 I was involved in a DWI. Another car crossed over the center line, I swerved to avoid it, and injured a pedestrian. There was alcohol in my system. This was my first offense - both traffic and criminal. My lawyer had me plead guilty. I lost my license for 4 years, have been on probabtion for two (with zero issues), paid off all court fines as well as a substantial restitution to the victim. The accident occurred in NC but by the court date I had moved to VA. I have no family in the area and no close friends in town. My boyfriend, the reason I moved to VA, is slated to deploy in the next year. Is there a way I can petition for a restricted or hardship license so that I can maintain the house, go to doctor's appointments, care for my animals, etc. while he is out of the country? Better yet, is there any way I could potentially get an actual license back before the originally assigned 4 years is over?
You are going to be in quite a dilemma here. First, you have to go to NC to to get your license reinstated. Then you...
Can I trust a public defender to beat my DUI case?
I have a DUI stop, but I know that the stop was unlawful. He cited me for failure to yield at a left turn but the light at the stop was the green arrow for the left turn and I had the right of way.
No way to tell on the facts here. Your declaration that it was "unlawful", doesn't mean it is. If you are in doubt as...
Charged with a DUI and refusal after not saying anything because I was arrested​ for reckless driving and read my Miranda
When I was pulled over for trying to avoid an accident in front of me and behind me. I swerved out the way almost getting hit by another car behind me. I was stopped and questioned why I was stopped numerous times as I was grabbing my license and registration. I was pulled out the car, slammed against my car and placed under arrest for reckless driving and read my rights after I had asked to speak with the officer's supervisor. The officer asked me have I had anything to drink to night and I said water damn drinks. He asked me to take a soberity test, I said nothing and then I would like to speak to your supervisor. Then he said I refused and read me a paper about refusing. Was locked up for a week before arraignment. Bond out a few days later
It sounds like it is time to lawyer up and plan your defense. I am certain the officer well tell a different story and...