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I was arrested four years ago on a 4th degree dui in mn. no warrant was issued. what do i do?
i was pulled over a yr. later in the same state ran my dl. gave me a warning and let me go. i up until just recently i thought there had to be a mistake in the court. when i went to renew my dl. the state of mn. had put a hold my dl. i live in ar. my dl is suspended but has been valid up until the last year. what do i need to do first?
You should contact the court in the jurisdiction in which the ticket was issued. They likely mailed you a court date...
Was arrested for DUI in October 2015, it's January 2017 and no verdict from the judge.
In October 2015, I was arrested for DUI, refusal (even though I blew in the machine 3 times), careless driving and driving on a suspended license, even though I had court papers saying my ticket was paid in full the court never released my license. The first two times I went to court, the state asked for a continuance because the arresting officer was not present and the second was because the witness did not show up. I had provided documents that my license was good and that I was not under the influence of alcohol, I was sleep driving due to a medication. The judge accepted the documents I presented and stated that he would render a decision with in a few days and that was in August of 2016. How long do I have before my lawyer can file a motion to dismiss?
If I were your lawyer, and the defense has never asked for a reset or a continuance, I would file a motion to dismiss...
Just wondering if my girlfriend is gonna get any prison time for getting a DUI while she is on felony probation
My girlfriend was driving with another person one night and got pulled over the officer smelled pot. He kept asking my girlfriend to take a soberity test and she refused by continuing to ask him does it smell like I have been drinking a few times of saying that he handcuffed her and took her to jail. Her friend in the car was the one smoking the stuff and my girlfriend never touched it but her friend got to avoid going to jail. My girlfriend goes to see a PO once a week and hasn't failed a drug test yet. But she is on felony probation and got court in the next few weeks I was just wondering if she is gonna go to prison for violating her probation
Hope not ! but your specific answer will come from asking her attorney who has all the facts and evidence.
When will I know if I have been charged?
I was in a crash and had alcohol with me in my car. The crash killed the other driver. A Blood alcohol level was drawn on both drivers. I was severely injured and don't remember any part of that day. If my alcohol level is elevated when should I hear from investigators or police?
I suspect you will hear from law enforcement regardless of whether your BAC was anything other than 0.00. They'll...
How do yo beat driving on a suspended license with it being your 5th time
I have four kids and has been told he would lock me up and told me to look for a baby sitter or my kids would be put in DHS
You don't just "beat it," or lawyers like me wouldn't have a job. You hire a lawyer who is good at their job and you...
Is a dui a felony or criminal charge?
While at work I get a call from my husband stating he is sitting in the back of the cop car for apparently drinking and driving while driving into a ditch. He just went to court and received a 6 month pass... how will this affect that? What can he be facing?
A first, second, or third DWI in Arkansas is punishable by fine and up to 1 year in jail (even on a first offense). On...
Resident of Tennessee, DWI in Arkansas. First DWI
I am a resident of Tennessee. I was pulled over and issued a DWI in Arkansas, first DWI. They took my license and issued me a temporary one ( a piece of paper good for 30 days). My questions are: - Will TN be notified of the DWI? - How do I get my license back and is it also suspended in TN? - I am on probation in TN, I have 45 days left. Probation ends before first Arkansas court date. What can I expect? Violation of probation? Should I inform them since it was in another state or wait it? Also, I have 7 days to request an administrative hearing for license suspension. Not sure whether to mark the box to fully contest it or mark the one for restricted. Again, confused. I'm licensed in TN and this was in Arkansas. I have reached out to a few AR attorneys but have not heard back. Thanks for looking.
1. TN will most likely be notified of the DWI, because interstate compacts mandate notification so that your home state...