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Could i be summoned for dui if police didn't do sobriety test?
Got into single car accident 20 days ago, police and ambulance were at the scene, police asked me would i submit to breath test,i said yes but they never did one, i told them i had one glass of wine when i had several, they were told that i possibly could have been injected due to me flying out of the windshield, ambulance rushed me to the ER, hospital ran test but police didnt follow, or draw blood, only hospital did, however they did flash the flash light in my eyes, pls help
Yes, as the hospital drew the blood and likely sent it to their lab. Retain a local dui lawyer to fight it.
How much time has to pass before the subsequent HTO or subsequent DUS offense are not in play
I know that you if you were to receive a DUI and havent had one in 10 years, it would be counted as a 1st offense. I am wondering what the statute is regarding DUS and HTO... I read that HTO is 3 offenses within 3 years... So if you go 3 years with no incident but get caught driving again, would you be charged with HTO anyway?? Same question regarding DUS... how long has to pass after last conviction before it is considered a 1st offense again??
We cannot advise you on how to break the law or minimize your charges from doing so. Go get your license. Do not drive...
So with a duac, would my companion still lose her license? Its her first offense for any kind of traffic violation!
My companion was pulled over. She was taking to county, spent the night for a dui. She blew a .08% level. She never has had a traffic violation of any manner. She was turned down for a public defender. If she takes a duac, could she keep her license. I'm sure she'll have to acquire sr22. She did ask initially for trial but now what do we do and what do we ask for? The officer won't drop it to a reckless driving
She needs to hire a DUI attorney. ASAP.
What do I do if I was arrested for dui, and I wasn't driving?
Friends of ours came in the club and told me she was wrecked in a ditch!! So I come out and see her car in the ditch with the lights on! I run to her and she's drunk behind the wheel. So I put her in "the car I was in" and a friend of ours dropped her off. Ok, the police pulls up and see me trying to get the car out the ditch, I told them what happened and they said ok. Literally ok!! We were waiting on a tow truck that the officers called for, a state trooper pulls up asking the officers questions then he came to me. So I asked him politely why are you asking me for my ID? That's when he said he wants to do the drinking test, on me.. I refused, cause yes I was drinking, I was at the club, but I was not driving at all!! He locked me up, I still had to help her get the car out the pound, and they took and suspended my license!! I had a lawyer and he pushed my court date back, but he didnt want to work with me because I lost my job at the time for not having a ready reliable ride everyday, so I've been waiting for my court date and it hasn't came yet.. it happened on May 22 2016 and I went to the DMV and they said that my license is suspended with a $100 reinstatement fee!! Adsap t
You would be well advised to obtain a criminal defense attorney, prior to the trial date. Hopefully the woman whom you...
Can i get these charges dropped?
I was arrested for reckless driving and disoderly conduct. I was drinking and passed the field sobriety test but no breatherlizer was given because the officer forgot to turn on her camera. The officer said i was going 85 in a 45 but no radar was used. Also no blue lights were on. I pulled into a gas station and they pulled in behind me.
Your chances will improve with a criminal defense attorney. Of course, no lawyer is going to guarantee a positive...
When the office of motor vehicle hearings has ruled that the actions by the department be rescinded.
I was convicted of a DUI after DMVH had determined my driving privileges are clear. I thought it was all over until a magistrate found me guilty at a bench trial that I was not present for.
You would be well advised to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney, as there may also be an outstanding...
Autistic wife, driving no license first offense ever. One block from home
Summary court wanted thirty days jail. Now its going to jury, solicitor filed. I have five kids and a special wife and no one will help. 93.7 is following our case.
There are facts missing here if jail is on the table for driving without a license and its a first offense. Get a...