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Advise: DWI/DUI is 2 different states?
My brother has two DWI's in Texas that happened within the past 10 years, and has now received a DUI in Georgia. What is the worst we can expect?
I hate it when people ask what is the "worst" that can happen, yada, yada . But here goes: 12 months in jail, $1,000....
DUI charge for prescription medication?
I was charged with a DUI for medication I was on when I was in a minor accident. I hit a side view mirror of another car. The police officer asked me if I was under the influence of anything and I told him that I am on prescription medication. He then asked me what day of the week it was and I answered the wrong day and he said because of that he charged me with a DUI. What am I looking at if found guilty of these charges? Is there a defense for this?
You can certainly be charged with driving under the influence of drugs.Whether or not the drug in question could...
How did I get charged with two DUIs and I was only pulled over once when the cop charged me with two DUIs called it a double dui
Charged with a double Dui During only one traffic stop. I was pulled over once and the cop charged​ me with Two DUIs at once. Just for drinking a 6 ounce pony can beer. I blew a .045 and was still arrested for two DUIs. How is that possible?
You can be charged in multiple different way for the DUI at the same time but for sentencing they merge resulting in a...
How can I get my license back after my fourth dui in ten years?
I've taken risk reduction class, dui classes and I currently go to AA meetings, I've been clean for over a year and I'm taking defensive driving classes real soon. I have 3 dui's here in GA but 1 in another state which gave me 4 in a ten year period. what can I do to get back on track?
Your question is not easily answered in a forum like this without reviewing your driving history and case files....
Dui ?
Will a dui after 10 year's show up in another state
If that state runs the standard criminal background check yes.
So how does one navigate this situation?possoble dui or not ?
Early 2017,i was involved in an accident in where i was riding a dirtbike either hit,or was hit head on by a car,this was not a street legal dirtbike so yes I am aware that is already an offense,but broke all my ribs fractured skull,many other broken bones lacerations and massive blood loss to where I almost did not make it on the bed,the first person on the scene said the dirt bike was destroyed and the car heavily damaged.i was taken to a hospital where i stayed for 10 days after the accident and was released to go home.apon going home I had some odd feeling there wasn't something right about the situation and had a friend contact the county jail to inquire for me if there was a legal suit against me,well sure enough there is a dui warrant....I had a few beers way earlier in the night and the cop supposedly said on the police report he smelt beer...problem is that would not be my first dui if charged,would of been a 3rd in 5....I've had many people tell me to just face it with a good lawyer and some tell me to do what I'm doing.lets just say I haven't exsisted within 700 miles of the accident and it's been over 7 months.there is only a warrant for a dui,not a FTA...what to do????
First, I would be careful saying anything on an online, public area that could be used against you. Second, as...
City officer charged me dui in his jurisdiction then took me to different city which charged me again
Powder springs pd pulled me over error no headlights in powder springs then transport me to city of Smyrna which charged me for same crime double bond funny huh
Not sure if this is an actual question... But it may be that you were arrested by Powder Springs but held by Smyrna....