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Am i getting a DUI?
I got into a single car accident a couple days ago. Police asked if i had any alcohol. I told them i had a couple before dinner. Never tested me or arrested me. I was sent to the hospital due to an abnormally high heart rate. No police were there. No blood test was taken. Am i getting a dui?
On what basis would you think you were being charged with DUI? There is no driving, no physical tests, no breath test...
Is there any way out of a DUI?
I got into a car accident in and was subsequently arrested for container and failure to maintain lane. I had a beer can in the car from the night before. I was offered a plea which merged the open container and fail to maintain and ability to plead nolo. The DUI would be 1 year probation. Is there anyway to save my driving record from the DUI
Yes, by hiring an attorney to represent you.
How can a DUI-D charge be valid with no cause for inquisition of the script during a traffic stop?
traffic stop: tail light/tag lights out. compliance for license & information. info reference pulled up past charges (11-12+yrs) & current probation. when asked of prescribed meds, again compliance.(hydrocodone 10; in proper container; with complete & correct info & labeling). asked "when last taken", responded " around 2hrs or more". field sobriety test administered & determined unsatisfactory, arrested. defendant has a history of script for 13yrs, its mandatory for phys function, all areas of sobriety test could be justified for failure. script has 'use caution when operating' warning not "do not drive' warning. blood test confirm hydro up to 72 hrs. defendant was unjustly arrested & charged w/ no viable reason.
I'm not really seeing a question but if the officer stopped the driver for a reason, he can try and follow up with a...
2nd drunk driving in 3 years. field sobriety test came back at 0.098 and the blood test came back at 0.075.
I was pull over @ 2:45 am and cop performed field sobriety test right away and drag my blood in the police station around 3:45 am. Is possible to reduce the charge or dismiss if I hire a lawyer and plea not guilty?
Yes, it is possible. But it depends on the prosecutor and the Judge to which the case is assigned. It also depends on...
My husband was arrested for dui?"he is on probation for public intoxication,he was arrested the same day he signed into prob.
he wasn't given a breatlyser test this is the same officer he has had conflics with in the pass also mentioned failure to maintain lanes,to get to our home there are winding roads what are some chances of him beating this case
First, you need to request an ALS hearing within 10 days of arrest to challenge a license suspension. Next, you need an...
Can a 13 years old misdemeanor DUI conviction be reduced,expunge or dismissed in Cobb County Ga?
My husband was charge with a DUI in 2002! He went to court, pay fines, took DUI classes , everything was taken care of. Since then he hasn't had any other convictions. For immigration matters this is affecting him, so is there anything he can do? This is his first and only DUI. Thanks !
I've changed your practice area from "unspecified" to "DUI" in the hopes you will get some responses from GA attorneys....
What is the Common sentencing for 4th DUI and Obstruction charge? The DA is presenting 2 years in confinement and 10 years prob.
My husband is currently in confinement because the bond was revoked. The DA wants 2 years confinement with 10 years probation but this seems HIGH. when we look up online the max for 4th DUI is 5 years Probation. How can they ask for 10 years? We are not sure if our lawyer is asking for the right things for us. We want to make sure that the DA is not out of reach by asking for 2 years confinement and 10 years probation. We are asking for 6 months confinement- 18 months work release and 5 years probation is this reasonable. We want to be sure our lawyer is doing right by us on this and if the DA is asking WAY to high or this is standard based on the charges of 4th DUI and Obstruction. Please let me know.
We would have to see the way the case is charged on the indictment to know what his max exposure is. Also, if he has a...