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My ex got a DUI. He lost his license but has standard limited driving privileges. Can he supervise our son, whom has his permit?
My ex frequently drives at times/ days not designated in his priviledges. He does this with our children in the oldest child is a new driver. He is aware his father has a dui. He found this out accidently. He knows there are times his dad drives illegally. This greatly concerns me. I have asked his father repeatedly to stop. I have offered to help with driving. None of this has helped. Do I have any legal recourse?
It is a tough question and really a matter of personal judgment for you. You could report him to the police, but that...
Knoll Motions to Dismiss...DWI
I read that some appeals court rulings over the past 2 years make it much more difficult to get a DWI charged dismissed via a Knoll Motion. Is this true? Are Knoll Motions still a viable defense, when circumstances are warranted?
Yes, we do Knolls on a usual basis, but its not usually straightforward. You should consult with a lawyer, Knoll may...
My ex husband was convicted of a DUI 9/14. He was granted limited driving priviledges. Does that mean allowed to drive our boys
Is he allowed to drive them to their extra curricular activities. I can not control what he does when I am not around. However, when he is sitting in my driveway behind the wheel and I know he is driving illegally, do I send my children out? We have had a difficult custody battle. I am concerned he will attempt to change our current agreement. His DUI may be my best arguement that they should stay with me. He has them every other weekend now. I'm worried it will appear I went along with this if I don't speak up.
If you have a family attorney representing you, you should inform this attorney of the issue and determine how you...
I need a Lawyer in charlotte NC. My son received a DUI while in the military in Ft Riley KS it's has been 3 years since he has
No other offences this was the first but 3 years ago... Returned from Iraq got the DUI and was sent to south Korea could not go to his court date
Your son definitely needs an experienced attorney. Especially if he missed his court date. That means there would be...
I'm on 12mo probation for 1st DUI offense With suspended 18mo sentence & mandatory 7 days. I havent paid fees or done jail yet.
I have been in school full time which has delayed my ability to pay or do time. I also am a single parent. I just took time off school to work to pay fees and do the 7 days in jail. Can they find me in probation violation if I havent completed these yet, or do I have until my probation time is up to get it done? I just can't afford to go to jail for 18months! I have been on remote reporting for the last 4 months, and had no negative occurences during my probation. I was recently assigned a new probation officer as mine moved. I have a feeling this officer is going to be more strict. If I am found in violation, what are the penaltys that will possibly occur? And are most officers understanding if you not been in trouble, following rules, improving life, etc?
Most Probation Officers are NOT lenient when it comes to probationers following the rules of the Court Order. In fact,...
Can I still ask for a continuation?
I couldn't fine a lawyer to represent me for a DUI case. Now I have to show up by myself. What can I do now?
Yes, you can still seek a lawyer and ask for a continuance. It depends on how old the case is as to what happens. I...
Can you be charged with a DWI when you refuse breathalyzer test?
I was pulled over for revoked tag and no insurance. When officer came to window he asked if I had been drinking. I said only 2 beer. I had beer bottles in floor board of car and they found beer bottle caps in my pockets. They had me do the field sobriety test, they said I failed. I refused the breathalyzer test on the spot and at jail. Can I still get charged with Dwi?
Not only CAN you be convicted of DWI, you automatically lose your license and driving privileges for 1 year for a...