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What is going to happen to me?
I (19) was on Bourbon St. with five of my friends, four of which are also under aged, and I was the only one stopped and cited with an MIP. While, yes, I was in possession of a drink, the officer acknowledged that he knew I was not the only under aged drinkers in the group, but he did not cite the others. He did not explain to me what could happen or anything else. I was not drunk, belligerent, or out of control. I cooperated, and he knew that we were not driving. I do not live in New Orleans. I'm very afraid of what is to come on my court date.
Find a ticket attorney in New Orleans to handle this for you. Their fees are reasonable and they always save you money....
My bf just got charged with his third DWI, on probation and SIMPLE BURGLARY - Motor Vehicle - 4 Count. what would he get?
hes on probation already
If he got caught by a half competent cop for actually doing the crime I would think jail time, and many months of it....
Can a DUI from the state of Louisiana be removed from record? Am from Dallas TX
I was pulled over by cop, no open container in vehicle and I was arriving to the hotel as soon as I put bleanker on thats when cop turned lights on and stopped me at the hotel
Although a DWI conviction an be expunged, the conviction can still used to enhance a subsequent DWI arrest and...
I have a felony warrant out of Michigan. It is for a DUI with no property damage and no personal injury.
It is my first Dui In MI. but have had 3 in in Indiana 2 Felonies from this in Indiana over the past 15 years.
What is the question you need answered about this? A felony warrant can only be dealt with head on, as if you do...
DMV saying a IID has to be on a vehicle for a year after a DWI conviction, but conviction was over a year ago. Is this true?
Convicted of DWI in St Charles parish over a year ago. Went to get DL reinstated and was told a IId has to be installed for a year even though I don't own a vehicle.
Your questions is not clear. I'm sure at the time you received the DUI either you owned the vehicle or you drove some...
Looking for pro Bono or low cost DWI lawyer
Charged with first DWI bit it's actually the 3rd. Have not read police report it's dor boyfriend i believe he was parked i left the car with hom we were having car trouble i was next door to the store doing laundry i come back him and the car were gone him in jail for DWI and my car impounded
Pro bono attorneys in criminal cases are public defenders. Because of their existence, private attorney generally don'...
What does a continuance without date mean in Louisiana? Does the charge appear as pending on your background check?
I was arrested for a felony 5 years ago. My lawyer and the DA agreed on a continuance without date. I was told if I stay out of trouble for the next three years the charges would be dismissed and everything erased. What will my background check show during the three year probation period?
What will your background check show? It would depend on the source used for the background check. Some are more...