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Probation says I can not consume Alcohol.
My case had nothing to do with Alcohol or Drugs. The Judge informed me I would have to take Drug testing. but no mention of Alcohol testing. The papers the Judge gave me in court had Drug testing checked off but Alcohol was not checked off. I failed a Urine test for consumption of Alcohol. Now Probation wants me to take Alcohol class. I don't think it's fair I can not drink Alcohol for the next 3 years. Is there anything I can do to have Alcohol consumption approved on my Probation.
Your condition of probation not to drink alcohol is a common one in NJ. This question is best answered by your lawyer...
How do I prove the truth of a motor vehicle stop that included an illegal search and being falsely arrested?
I was recently pulled over on major highway that passes through some well known drug areas. Myself and a family member don't look like we belong in those areas. We were pulled over because they claimed I failed to use my signal when I know for a fact I used it and the bulbs work perfectly fine. We were pulled over because the color of our skin. They searched the vehicle without permission because they claimed they saw a powdery substance on the floor which was ash from a cigarette and was pretty obvious that's what it was. They searched the passengers bag and found drug paraphernalia. He stated it was his and they proceeded to arrest both of us. Nothing in the vehicle was mine nor were I aware it was in the vehicle. The passenger explained I was not aware and claimed ownership of everything found. I was still charged with paraphernalia. When I attended court, I found out my case was moved to Superior level and once my co defendants hearing was settled, mine would be addressed. I also learned it was now a disorderly persons charge. How am I still being charged with anything when he claimed ownership?
They can charge you because you were the driver in the car and had it in the car. As for the stop it does sound like...
Underage DUI in NJ
My 20 year old daughter was arrested by a State Trooper. She took a breathalyzer but I do not know the levels, as the report is not yet complete. She was also cited for careless driving, improper lane change and underage drinking. She's never been in trouble. She was driving a car in my name and is listed as an insured on my policy. Should I get an attorney, or would it be a waste of money? I'm currently unemployed but hear public defenders work for the State and not to use one. I'm also very worried about my insurance being dropped. If she surrenders her license until she can afford her own policy, will my rates still be high? I have an impeccable driving record.
You should RUN, not walk but RUN to an experienced DWI defense lawyer. You should LOAN your daughter the money for a...
I was issued a ticket for DUI and i had BAC of .15.Its my first offense.Should i hire an attorney
I was stopped at a dwi checkpoint and was asked if i had been drinking.I told the officer i had a few beers about an hour earlier which is the truth.I was told to pull up to a parking space and a guy that was not in uniform (maybe a detective) told me to step out of the car. He administered 2 sobriety tests witch i did with no problem.Then he called over another officer in uniform and he gave me the test that involves following a pen with my eyes. After that he then placed me under arrest for DWI. While at the police station i blew a .15 bac.What are my chances of getting the penalties reduced to say a 3 month suspension. Is that common for first time offenders.Thanks
If I'm not mistaken, you asked the same question yesterday. The answer hasn't changed. The penalties are based off the...
Can I get a DUI expunged?
I've been sober for 11 yrs but prior to that I received 4 DUIs. If Gov Christie signs Bill 3307 for expungement of drug offenses, since alcohol is considered a drug, would I be eligible for expungement?
Based on my brief review of the most recent draft of this legislation, there does not seem to be a provision for...
Why have I only been tested once on conditional discharge?
I got conditional discharge for a small amount of weed and I am under a month away from the probation being over. Why have they only tested me once so far during this whole probation? Is there suppose to be a set amount of times they test when you're on conditional discharge?
Are you upset they didn't test you? If so, Why? What do you care if probation doesn't make you submit to drug tests?
Does someone's work release days get subtracted from a year's sentence after the 180 days is completed for multiple DUIs?
My son is in the county jail with a 350 day sentence. He has been working in the work release program since he entered the jail. They told him those days would be subtracted from the end of his sentence after he completed the mandatory 180 days for the multiple DUIs. The second part of the sentence was for third degree child endangerment. Will all these days be subtracted from his sentence once he finishes the 180 days. He is worried that these days will not be subtracted from his sentence since he did them during the first 180 days.
Generally speaking these are questions that those in charge of the jail would be able to answer. Yes, he should get...