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  • Suffolk County Police: Driver Arrested after Strikin...

    6 hrs ago | via 

    A woman was arrested today by Suffolk County Police for leaving the scene of a crash that caused seriously injured a motorcyclist in Mastic Monday. Bianca Rivera was driving her Honda Accord Westbound on Eleanor Avenue when she slowed down to make a left turn onto Clover Street when Glen Brunskill, also traveling westbound Behind Rivera's Honda attempted to pass her vehicle on the left side.


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  • Driver Arrested after Striking and Seriously Injurin...

    10 hrs ago | via 

    Suffolk County Police today arrested a woman for leaving the scene of a crash that seriously injured a motorcyclist in Mastic this afternoon. Blanca Rivera was driving her Honda Accord westbound on Eleanor Avenue when she made a left turn onto Clover Street at approximately 1:35 p.m. Glen Brunskill, who was also traveling westbound behind the Honda, attempted to pass the vehicle on the left hand side when Rivera's vehicle struck Brunskill.


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  • DA: Teenager Accused of Stabbing, Killing Another Te...

    Tuesday Jun 9 | via 

    A teenager arrested last month for stabbing and killing another teen during a fight at a Mastic intersection will be arraigned on an indictment on Tuesday, according to Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota. Michael Dennis, 19, was charged with manslaughter in the death of 17-year-old Trevor Bender, according to the DA.


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Mastic Law

My license was revoked in florida after 3 dui's., over 15 years. It was revoked because they counted the one I got in NY in 1974. I went to all the classes and did everything I was required to do. I went to NY dmv and that one is off my record now. I have not been driving for about 10 years now and also have been sober for that time. they said I may be able to get mine back. I filled out the paper work the DMV gave me and sent it along with my abstract from Florida, to Albany. I don't know what happened to it, but I never heard anything (since 10/2013). do you think I have a chance t get it back? Do I contact Florida again? I really don't know where to start again. thanks for any info you can give me. Ken
NYS DMV has recently made changes regarding how far back in your history they'll look back when assessing your...
Is it possible for him to get his licence back in NY?
in 1974he got his first dui in NY. then he moved to florida and got 3 more, the last one being 7 yrs ago. he has not drank since the, went to all the classes and still goes to aa 3 x a week. he went to MVD in ny to see if he could get a license again. they told him the violation in 1974 is off his record in NY. They had revoked it in florida because he had 4 dui's . we got the abstract from florida and need to bring it back to NY's DMV. Do you think there would be any possibilty what so ever that he may be able to get it back?
Talk to a criminal defense attorney in New York to discuss the possibilities. Bring a copy of his driving record with...
Question about probable cause on a DWI?
I unfortunately was arrested for a DWI. I was followed late at night, by an off duty cop who was driving his own personal vehicle, a Jeep, with off road auxiliary lights on super high. He followed me all the way to my home. I felt extremely scared and didn't know who he was. He also was tailgating me extremely close. My security camera at my home captured him doing this. He apparently made a call (I don't know to whom as I never recd the reports or if there was a 911 call) and I subsequently was arrested for DWI by another cop. I wanted to find out if this would still constitute probable cause? He claimed that I was driving erratic, which I was definitely was because I was frightened out of my mind. I am female and live alone. He never identified himself so I was terrified. Thank you.
i would have to read the complaint. If it says that the arresting officer was informed by the other off duty cop that...
DWI, DUI, and jail time
My new boyfriends ex is pregnant with his baby but in the last 3-4 years she has gotten a DWI and DUI and did jail time. Also was into drugs for a while. Could my boyfriend fight for custody of his child?
Your boyfriend could always fight for custody. Sole custody is difficult thing to get considering but there are some...
I was arrested by DWI in NY state university 2 weeks ago. My car is impounded and I would like to know how I may get it back?
I was arrested of first not doing complete stop at stop signs in the university. They caught me and did blow test, results 0.1 BAC. Had happened at 4/25. First court was held at 4/29. It was too shocking that I couldn't think of what do to for the first week. The situation is, for the court, my lawyer is helping me out the best, but I forgot to mention about my car, which I also need help with. Thank you.
You need to ask your lawyer to speak to the prosecutor to see if the car is being held for evidence. It is also...
My car has been impounded in Stony Brook univ. by university police for the evidence of DWI. How do I free the car?
I was caught on 4/25 in university campus for DWI (0.10), and on 6/09, my case has been adjourned for probation for a year with several conditions to follow (I have a conditional license now)(Case was sentenced in Central Islip). I asked my attorney for freeing the impounded car for the needs of driving . Which he did mention that in the court on June 9th, when I was sentenced for the probation. However, I haven't heard anything about from the university police office (no letter from DA office yet). I would like to know an estimated time that the paper work from DA office will be sent to univ. police office. Or any paper work that needs to be done to free the impounded car by me or the attorney to the DA office? Thank you
Ask your lawyer again. Find out where the car is located and make arrangements to pick it up. There is likely a...
Can I get my license back after dwi in ny .
.16 bac I didn't feel like I was intoxicated or close to it. I know everyone says that. I strongly believe that my gastric bypass surgery effects the test results.
Depending on the your prior record you should be eligible for either a hardship or conditional license while the case...