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Is a minor intoxicated in a public place in the state of Washington the same as an MiP? Or is it worse or is it less severe?
About 2 years ago I got an amended minor intoxicated in a public place charge in the state of Washington I was wondering if this charge is less severe than an MIP or more severe? At the time I was an 18 years old freshman that got charged 4 days before school started. Up until college I never tried alcohol and the one time I did I got dinged and now I just turned 20. I have plans on going on to med school in about 3 years and Im wondering if this charge has the potential to negatively affect my applications towards medical school. I really am determined to become a Physician and I don't want a "young and dumb" mistake to affect my future in medicine. And if there's a chance it could affect me I'd rather know what to expect. Thank you for the advice/comments ever bit helps
They are both criminal convictions and have an equal effect on your record moving forward, specifically, that they will...
I got a speeding ticket in Oregon, will it affect my reckless driving probation(originally a dui)
It was a speed trap and I was going with the flow of traffic, the officer even told me how to write a letter to the judge. I am a Washington resident
It definitely can. It is really up to your probation officer whether they want to revoke based on a speeding ticket. I...
Pulled over for dwsl, after dui
Last August I was pulled over for a dui. Im in the middle of dealing with that (court date end of January) licence suspended, day in jail, the whole 9 yards Few weeks ago, according to the dmv, they said my licence had been reinstated. I was then pulled over and received a ticket for dwsl. My court date for that is in a few days, and im wondering what to expect......fines? Jail?
You shouldn't face anything if you complied with all the terms. You should be able to show that your license was not...
I am currently in a job questionnaire process, trying to answer a question on pending arrest and criminal charges.
last November 2013, i was arrested for DUI. In the station i blew under the limit and was released the next afternoon. I was never given a court date and have not heard from them ever since. My licence was never hole punched nor suspended. Is my case still a pending criminal charge? I did run a cheap background test on myself and the charge was listed as dismissed, so technically my charge is not pending??? Any information would be appreciated. I live in Washington state.
A charge that has been dismissed is definitely NOT pending.
My DUI case was won in trial. Am I eligible to get my license reinstated?
I responded to the hearing request within the timeframe of my arrest however the hearing with dol was not in my favor. Dol advised my license will be suspended and require an IID for a year. Considering my DUI case with the state has been rectified and not convicted of a DUI, will I be eligible to get my license reinstated earlier? Also, am I required to have sr-22 insurance?
Since your DUI case "was won in trial" it sounds like you have a good lawyer on your side. You would be well advised...
Dui dismissed I need court order to have DOL reinstate CDL license no charges how? who?
OOIDA called and spoke to someone but didn't take note. Told a court order to remove history would reinstate. current lawyer isn't finding out how. I need to work
Hire a criminal defense attorney to get this situation squared away.
My wife received a negligent driving charge first degree in Washinton. The officer told her that he was doing her a favor and co
A field sobriety test was conducted. She was over the legal limit but was not charged with a DUI.
I'm not sure what you are specifically asking here, but Negligent Driving in the First Degree is a similar charge to...