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I ha a neg driving 1 reduced from a minor physical control 6 years ago that i just had vacated. Why does is still show on my mvr
It was 6 years ago and i was 4 months from being 21. Me and a couple of my friends were sitting in a parking lot next to my jeep just hanging out. Somebody called the cops because they were getting loud and stupid (i was not drunk) cops showed up vehicle was not running keys in my pocket sitting in the jeep. Of course they noticed my friends were drunk thought i was gave me a breath test and BAM .025. Id had like 3 drinks of a beer earlier not even. But being i wasnt 21 the micro .005 over .02 put me at dui standard. Because of circumstances and being dumb i took a neg 1 reduced from a minor in physical control. Because i drove my drunk friends to the store so THEY wouldnt wreck. I had it vacated recently just to find out it goes off my criminal record BUT DOL WILL NOT take it off my driving record. i pay for it the rest of my life because any decent job still looks up my mvr and see the 6 year old mistake. One question though! The only charge i was ever convicted of technically was neg 1 and vacating means it all gets dismissed and im suppose to be realeased from all disabilities. So could i sue dol for refusing to take it off or could i at least seal it from employers?
" i pay for it the rest of my life because any decent job still looks up my mvr and see the 6 year old mistake." Unless...
Is a minor intoxicated in a public place in the state of Washington the same as an MiP? Or is it worse or is it less severe?
About 2 years ago I got an amended minor intoxicated in a public place charge in the state of Washington I was wondering if this charge is less severe than an MIP or more severe? At the time I was an 18 years old freshman that got charged 4 days before school started. Up until college I never tried alcohol and the one time I did I got dinged and now I just turned 20. I have plans on going on to med school in about 3 years and Im wondering if this charge has the potential to negatively affect my applications towards medical school. I really am determined to become a Physician and I don't want a "young and dumb" mistake to affect my future in medicine. And if there's a chance it could affect me I'd rather know what to expect. Thank you for the advice/comments ever bit helps
They are both criminal convictions and have an equal effect on your record moving forward, specifically, that they will...
I got a speeding ticket in Oregon, will it affect my reckless driving probation(originally a dui)
It was a speed trap and I was going with the flow of traffic, the officer even told me how to write a letter to the judge. I am a Washington resident
It definitely can. It is really up to your probation officer whether they want to revoke based on a speeding ticket. I...
Pulled over for dwsl, after dui
Last August I was pulled over for a dui. Im in the middle of dealing with that (court date end of January) licence suspended, day in jail, the whole 9 yards Few weeks ago, according to the dmv, they said my licence had been reinstated. I was then pulled over and received a ticket for dwsl. My court date for that is in a few days, and im wondering what to expect......fines? Jail?
You shouldn't face anything if you complied with all the terms. You should be able to show that your license was not...
My DUI case was won in trial. Am I eligible to get my license reinstated?
I responded to the hearing request within the timeframe of my arrest however the hearing with dol was not in my favor. Dol advised my license will be suspended and require an IID for a year. Considering my DUI case with the state has been rectified and not convicted of a DUI, will I be eligible to get my license reinstated earlier? Also, am I required to have sr-22 insurance?
Since your DUI case "was won in trial" it sounds like you have a good lawyer on your side. You would be well advised...
WA says I refused the breath test. I did not refuse, I didnt provide enough air 1st time and was denied a second try. What now?
I was extremely nervous and have never been put in this situation. At the station, I talked to a public defender on the phone and even remember her name. She informed me that it was a good decision to not waive my rights (before taking the test, which pissed him off) and she said "never refuse to take it" so I then confirmed that I would take it. When the police officer took my test, he did one attempt and claimed it was an automatic refusal. I then said, I was not refusing. I didn't understand what you were asking and he refused to let me try again.
First off, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent you. You will need to request a...
How does one attain officer transcripts and video/audio recordings of their DUI arrest?
I was arrested by tulalip tribal police on suspicion of DUI I have not retained council yet as there are no formal charges. I have copy of arresting report and noticed several discrepancies in his report and would like to have evidence in my favor upon my attorney search. Also would save on investigator cost.
Generally an Attorney would get those through the proceedings by filing discover requests followed by motions to compel...