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  • Marysville man faces 6 charges in shooting

    Monday Apr 10 | via Times Herald 

    Marysville man faces 6 charges in shooting A 22-year-old Marysville man is facing six charges after allegedly shooting at three people Sunday. Check out this story on Quill Aaron-Wesley Pettway was arraigned Monday afternoon on two charges of assault with intent to murder, felony firearms, discharging a weapon in or at a building with serious injury, discharging a firearm in or at a building and felonious assault.


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Driving under the influence of controlled substance.
I got off work Saturday night at 10pm was pulled over 1020 speeding, i used to use heroine years ago so i have track marks, i am prescribed suboxone and xanax and have been for over two years. I was taking into custody and had my blood drawn and there won't be any thing but my prescribed medications at the correct level. Will the prosecutor throw this case out?
You know how on the label of the medicine it says do not drive or operate heavy machinery? Although any trace of a...
Will a judge grant a motion to set aside a custody settlement do to me being uninformed by lawyer of stepfathers 2nd DUI charge?
I agreed to an open court settlement which i haven't signed yet. And a week after that court date I found out that my ex's husband just plead guilty to a high BAC (over.17) OUI, new Michigan law, and that it is his 2nd oui offense in three years so the guy obviously has a alcohol problem. Now I feel the settlement is not in my daughter's best interest and would prefer to take it to trial if need be as the FOC recommendation to the court was 50/50 split legal physical and parenting time. My daughter is 5 and constantly complains of strong verbal arguments at night time and i am concerned about her exposure to domestic abuse because of this. My settlement date was 8/1 and he was arraigned 7/24 and plead guilty on 8/8. I feel my lawyer should have informed me of his pending charges.
you will need to show that the mere fact he has DUI somehow endangers the child. Such as proving he drives drunk with...
Today i was told i no longer have to drug test . But my court date is next friday . Would they drug test me at the court
I havent smoked in 9 months im a minor and i just really want to smoke and chill with my friends
Hold your temptation back. Your probation is not over until you have a court order of discharge in your hands. Don't...
Complications with Violation
I got a VOP for failing to do my drug tests and for my tether dying for a day. I already have an attorney but recently I was switched to do saliva testing and it came back positive. I admitted to smoking marijuana but my sentencing is not until tomorrow afternoon. I am also on HYTA. Is it likely I will be given jail time or just have additional terms to my probation? And since the positive drug test came back after I already had my hearing for my violation will it be counted as a separate violation or would they be grouped together?
Your question does not contain enough information to determine what the result will be. If you already have a lawyer,...
Violation Complications...
alright I got a VOP and had my arraignment already and was given a PR bond. I tested positive for marijuana a few weeks ago however and I told my PO I am trying to get into substance abuse counseling. she thanked me for telling her and said I know the consequences and that the judge will not be happy about my use... this is my first violation, but will the failed drug test be added into this violation since I already had my arraignment? or will they have to give me another separate one just for the failed test? is it likely I'll get jail time for this? I was charged with four felonies and given HIDA, I also already served 42 days which was part of my original sentencing...please help with advice if you can!
You are about to make the dumbest mistake by losing the biggest gift of your life if you blow HYTAA. you will become a...
License revoked in Florida for 4 DUIs. Live in Michigan. MI says there is a hold from FL and I can't get my MI license.
Per FL, my license was revoked May 24, 2004 for 4 DUIs. Not all DUIs were in FL. My last DUI conviction was in 2004. I have lived in Michigan since 2004 and have gone through the hearing process to be cleared to drive in MI. I was cleared a few years ago and issued a temporary license, but was told that FL had placed a hold on my license and I was not able to get my permanent license. What do I need to do now to get my license in Michigan? Thank you for your time and input.
A hold from a different state will prevent a person from obtaining a license in another state. You need to contact an...
I have a friend who has been charged with 8 counts, 4 of the counts are controlled substance 2nd sub offense double penalty
he has been charged with fleeing, assault, resisting arrest of a police officer, driving on suspended license 2nd offense and CS sub 2nd offense high misdemeanor double offense penalty. What is the "normal sentence for these crimes? he does not have a lawyer yet but will be searching, he has a cash surety bond of 150k
There is no "normal", but each offense - depending on the actual charge - carries it's own punishment range. They will...