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  • Names released in deadly head-on crash on Highway 70

    Monday Jul 18 | via Mercury-Register 

    Oroville >> The authorities have released the names of two people killed in a head-on crash July 9 on Highway 70. The California Highway Patrol said Israeli nationals Dror Seginer, 20, and Noam Horev, 22, suffered fatal injuries when the Suburu Forester they were traveling in crossed into oncoming traffic and crashed near Middle Honcut Road. The driver of the Suburu, identified as Tommi Seginer, 22, of Israel, suffered cuts to her head and arms and was taken to Enloe Medical Center in Chico.


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  • Suspect Wanted on Several Charges After Multiple Att...

    Wednesday Jul 13 | via KTXL-TV Sacramento 

    The Marysville Police Department arrested a man that was suspected of receiving stolen property and obstructing a peace officer on Tuesday. Officers were dispatched to the 1700 block of Ellis Lake Drive after multiple citizens reported seeing two males in a white Ford truck casing vehicles in a parking lot and attempting to break into them.


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Marysville Law

What can I do about a DUI from 9 years ago that stops me from renewing my license if it occurred out of state?
I had a DUI in California around 2004 . I paid the fines and they required me to take classes, but due to me transitioning from the military and returning to my home state, I could not attend their classes. I travel state to state for work every month for my company. I want to switch companies, but my license expired a few years back and the DUI shows up when I try to renew it in order to take a new job. Fortunately because of the nature of my work, it did not require a driving license.
What you need is to have the hold out of California lifted because 45 of the states have an interstate agreement to...
How does a excuse letter should look like for absences for dui classesthey told me if i give them a good excuse i might start
its for a wet and reckless. 12 hour program . i missed 3 of them
As I understand your question you need a letter to give to the program due to excessive absences. First have someone...
Was drinking on the side of the road, private property fox six hour and picked up by the CHP
Went to court and said I will get an attorney. and it was put off until the end of August. There is a DMV hearing next week and what to expect on this. Will DMV take no action until all has been this has went to the court system?
No. The DMV process is a different animal. You must comply with both' independently. It's possible to be found not...
When does a DUI fall off your driving record in California?
I was convicted of a DUI that occurred 11/2010. I just obtained an online Driver History Report through the CA DMV website. It lists convictions as "None", basically as if the DUI did not exist. My husband obtained his Driver History Report and his speeding ticket from 2014 shows in the convictions section. Has my DUI record somehow fallen off or does this Driver History Report only reflect recent convictions? I only ask because when applying for auto insurance, they ask about DUI convictions within 10 years. If my records do not show a conviction, am I obligated to announce my DUI to my auto insurance company? Thanks!
You should speak to a California attorney. However, here is a prior question on AVVO:
Should I alert the court of my recent DUI?
I am currently on probation for conviction of misdemeanor conspiracy to commit assault in San Francisco. My probation could be up in a year due to no further trouble with the law. However, I was arrested for a DUI in Alameda County. I was wondering if I should alert the San Francisco courts of my arrest in January or if I should wait until they find out?
Um, NO! It's not up to YOU to report yourself to the court. Give Attorney Michael Marowitz a call. He's in Marin....
How long will be served with overcrowding on a felony dui?
Son was taken in on a felony dui warrant to west vly det ctr in San Bernardino, no prior arrests.
Sorry but it is no way to answer that question with knowing more about your sentence. Since you are charged with a...
I have a court date for DUI
Hit a parked car due to black outs, I have a mengenioma. Got arrested for DUI. Passed the breath test that wasn't good enough, cops took me to get a blood test and arrested me. I got a ticket to appear in court then received a letter of court date changing the date three months after the first court date. Should I get an attorney
I'm assuming you did not have any alcohol or drugs in your system? If so, you probably don't need an attorney for the...