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US citizen living internationally with FTA for DUI coming into country in a few weeks.
I was charged with DUI in 2008, moved out of state for a job and school, issued FTA bench warrant. Flew out of the country and back in twice with no problem (into my new state of residence far away from arresting state) and flew domestically twice with no problem (from new residence state to arresting state and back) with no problem. However, this time I'm flying from international to arresting state, will be going thru customs and immigration outside of arresting state and then immediately continuing to arresting state by way of domestic flight. I don't think I have time to contact an attorney and file for the warrants to be lifted before travel, it's been 6 years since warrant issued, what do I expect?
It is possible that you could be picked up on the warrant and incarcerated until you could make bail. Your bail might...
What may happen for a vop in denton maryland for a dui?
recieved a dui in az in 09 on probation for 3 years. I had a prior in 06 was not off probation in maryland when i recieved this, i believe a warrant is for me in md. I had 3 yrs back up for that in 06. I just found out last week. I am thinkin of going back to md and turn myself in, i currently reside in Nevada. any suggestions?? please
You need to hire counsel in Maryland to research the warrant status of your case and potentially quash or kill the...
No court summons issued for DUI/DWI
My boyfriend was arrested for DUI/DWI and driving on a suspended over a month ago. (he actually was not drunk/hadn't been drinking, i swear). They took him to the station, he signed some papers and then the officer brought him home. Shortly after he recieve a court date for the driving on a suspended but not the DWI/DUI. I checked court records on line and they have the DWI/DUI listed as active but with no court date. Why? What should he do, we don't want to ask the court and remind them in case they just forgot
He needs to get a lawyer. He also needs to appear for all court dates. So he needs to show up for the suspended driving...
Will I be convicted of DUI as a violation of probation.
My girlfriend got a DUI about a year ago in Maryland. She was not convicted, but put on supervised PB. She has a good job, she's taken all the required classes, paid the cost of probation every month. Has never met her PB officer. The problem is she signed her apartment lease in PA the day before she got the DUI. However she never informed them of her move. Now she lives with me in PA. She contacted a new lawyer who said the PB officer would most likely violate her and she would be convicted of the DUI which means she would most likely loose her job and also have to move back to MD.
A standard condition of probation is to not leave the state without permission of the probation officer. She could file...
How can I expunge my DUI case?
I got DUI on April 24, 2015 for the first time. I got convicted as guilty for driving under influence of alcohol. I was charged as probation before judgement. My one year of probation finished on September 3, 2016. I attended classes and went to community service as well. Now what should I do to expunge my DUI case?
Unfortunately, a probation before judgment for a DUI cannot be expunged in Maryland.
How can I get my DUI exspunged? And how long this may take?
I had a misdemeanor DUI in August of 2015. State of Maryland dropped the case. It says nolle Prosequi for my disposition. I did not get convicted and I wasn't found guilty. Can I get my DUI exspunged?
If all charges were a nolle prossequi, then you can get your record expunged immediately. There is a $30.00 filing...
Dui in North Carolina and can I move out of state
Planning to move to Maryland with a dui in North Carolina . Can I use the same limited driving privilege or should I apply for a new one . Please advice
You would need to consult with a North Carolina attorney to determine if the limited driving privilege allows you to...