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Can the charges be refiled if the case was dismissed for a misdemeanor DUI?
I was charged with a DUI on May 2014. Blood test came back .05 and the officer made a lot of mistakes in the report. The prosecutor filed a motion to dismiss and it was signed by the judge on March 2015. I received a phone call from a Sgt which told me that I was summoned and they would refile the charges. He said that I didn't follow the plea deal. A plea was never made or agreed, in fact I was very adamant about not making a deal.
Depends if it was dismissed without prejudice or not. Impossible to tell over the internet. If you would have taken...
Four years ago got charged with DUI in Virginia when 18 years old blew .o8 BAC. Last weekend got pulled over in West Virginia
and blew .16 got charged with aggravated DUI. Does this count as my first or second? Can West Virginia take my Virginia license? I live and work in Virginia.
I am re-categorizing this post under DUI/DWI so an experienced DUI attorney can answer your question. Good luck.
Should I get an attorney?
I was in one lane rd that goes through federal park and swerving to miss many pot holes. A federal park officer pulled me over an claimed I was impaired. I took and passes a breathalizer and let him search my car. He then gave me a ticket for failure to operate vehicle and a dui ticket. He did not arrest me but made me call a friend to drive my truck home. Both tickets had no fines and stated I would have go to court but had no court date. The incident happened in Maryland.
Yes you should get an atty. A DUI conviction will result in the suspension of your license, plus other penalties and...
Should I get a WV driver's license after a DUI?
If I live in West Virginia (but neglected to change my driver's license over from Maryland where I previously lived) and then got a DUI in West Virginia, should I get my WV driver's license before my DUI hearing?
Yes. You have a lawful obligation to switch driver's license, tags, registration, etc. regardless of your dui charge as...
How many times can a aggravated Dui be discontinued of the dmv courthouse before it is dismissed?
I live in WVa and my DUI hearing of the DMV court has been postponed twice now the first time was due to the cop out of town and my lawyer and I did not know why it happened a second time.
I see no one answered your question. Consider speaking to a local DUI attorney for more info.
Are road side breathalyzer test admissible in courts in WV? Also, how many times should it be blown into ?
I took a portable breathalyzer. I had not drank enough to think that I would not pass it! I could not believe the results, .21!!! I took a deep breath, did not hold back. Officer looked at the results, then wanted me to do it again, I did, he looked at the results again, and made my blow into it again! So I had blown into it 3 consecutive times, with only a couple of seconds in between each one.
While I would certainly call a local lawyer in your State, I would advise that you blow ZERO times into any portable or...
If you are aprroved for incapable status with WV DMV for the interlock program, when does the 6 month suspension start?
I recieved my 45 day suspension in april of 2013. As of today I'm still suspended due to moving and car problems. I was told by dmv I had no other choice but to get a new car and request an out of state form for interlock program. I just got a car to use last week so I called dmv to get out of state form and now they are offering me incapable status. I already completed my safety classes and sent in letter with re-instatement fee. My question is if all this time I've been suspended will count as my 6 month suspension or will I have to wait another 6 months to drive?
Contact Interlock dept. at DMV headquarters for confirmation of all steps completed and in place for successful...