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So by law a third dui within a 5 year period is a life ban from purchasing a firearm does this then mean at some point you can
2 duis last one 2008
Oh yeah no firearms for you ever sorry
Can I trade in my car if it's under my dads name and he has a dui?
My dad gets his license back November 2017, but I'm in urgent need of a new car. I was told that there's a way to go around the dui, but I don't turn 18 until April 2017 to put the insurance in my name. It's a 2004 Nissan Altima 2.5, and we bought it for $2,500. The owner never told us about the problems with it or that multiple parts were taken out. I've put $1,500 into it so far and will need to put $3,000-$5,000 more into it. The entire suspension needs replaced, there's an oil leak in the engine, the front passenger side door does not open and will sometimes open randomly and not close at all. An alignment is needed, the rear strut on the right was not put into place correctly and is hanging there so it bangs off whatever while I'm driving (I don't drive it now because of it), the whole right side looks as if it were sideswiped (from previous owner) and that's where most problems occur. There are a lot more problems, but I basically need to replace everything for it to run the way it should. This is my only transportation to and from school, as well as other places. If there is a way around this situation it would be extremely helpful.
You can trade in the car anytime you want as long as you own it outright and your father agrees. Really not sure why...
If convicted of DUI on probabtion is one allowed to work in a bar and be around alcohol?
My daughter got 6 months probabtion. 1st DUI. Is she allowed to work in a bar? Allowed to drink? Allowed to be around alcohol? Is it allowed in her house?
If someone is on probation, then they have to get permission to do certain things from their probation officer. The...
Unauthorized use of motor vehicle can they get me on in
Vehicle is in need mine and my mother's name but I don't have a license but I drove it anyways and wreaked they are trying get me wit this charge are the able to
Not sure what the question is. But it appears that you could be charged for driving without a valid license.
Pleaded guilty to DUI High BA. What is the min and max I am looking at in PA
I have pleaded guilty to DUI. I couldn't get ARD and my blood alcohol was high. I have a previous ARD within 10 years.
90 days for the 2nd DUI within 10 years (includes an ARD DUI) is mandatory. You'll get that unless there is some reason...
How much will previous convictions of 3 other misdemeanors affect a DUI sentencing?
This will be my 3rd DUI and I have a past criminal history of driving on a suspended license, a retail theft and a forgery. How will this affect my sentencing? I already know it will be jail time, but I'm wondering how much.
Sounds like your looking at a mandatory one year. There may be ways to reduce that.
How much jail time will i get for a dui and four traffic violations while on probation
I am serving ninety days already with the dui and breaking probation in the state of Pa.
The answer it depends on a number of factors the only one of which you can control is getting a good attorney to defend...