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I am on probation for DUI (I have 2). I just got a drunk in public. I was cited/released given a court date. Can BW be issued
I have been on probation for about 14months when I got the drunk in public. Since I have a court date, can they still file and issue a bench warrant or will everything happen on the court date they gave me. I also called to enter a substance program...will that help
Generally in Martinez, they will not proceed by way of warrant if you were cited to appear on a specific date. But you...
I got a DUI in California but have an AZ license. The police officer took my license. What can I do?
Will I face consquences in CA and AZ?
You need to hire an attorney to fight both the court case and the DMV suspension. You only have 10 days to request a...
How to deal with 1st DUI arrest. Leaving the country in three days.
I am 23 years old, and had my CA DL for 7 years. I have attempted to drive home under the influence of alcohol from Pleasant Hill to Santa Clara on March 28th, but failed to do so and bumped into the metal fence that surrounds Buchanan Airport, Concord. I tried backing off the car, but the wheel was stuck (unpaved road), and did not know what to do, so I just waited in the car, and CHP patrolling came by when I was in the car. They reached me, suspecting me for being drunk, thus performed the sobriety test. Then I was asked to perform a Breathalyzer check, then was arrested for DUI. I am an international student who have completed the courses and is about to leave in three days to my home country, but the court date I have received is 5/19/14, which I cannot attend since I will be overseas
You need an attorney to represent you. An attorney can appear for you for this matter. If you fail to appear a warrant...
I got a DUI last Thanksgiving in California, I live in the bay area, I was under 21 so my DMV suspension is almost up.
I have my court date in november 20. Now my question is will the Martinez court (the judge is a douche) suspend my license for another year. I have been hearing mixed things, some people say the Martinez courts don't handle license suspensions anymore and it is strictly left to the DMV. I also am hearing that DMV and court suspensions are different therefore I will get another year suspension. Seems like double jeopardy to me but I don't know.
It's unclear to me whether this is your first offense that has just dragged on forward year or you picked up a second...
Can I enroll in a First-Time DUI Offender program before my court date with an H-6 DMV printout?
I received a DUI at the end of May, and my name was not on the court schedule the day I promised to appear (I received verification that I did appear on the correct day, despite the fact that my case was not filed yet). My license has already been suspended by the DMV, so I was wondering I can enroll in a DUI offender program in order to satisfy the requirements to receive a restricted license. I have a copy of my H-6, but I am on the borderline of needing to enroll in a 9 month program, with a .19 BAC. Would I be safe enrolling in first offender 6 month program?
You can try. Bring the DMV suspension docs with you. Some programs want the sentence sheet, but since you clearly don'...
Can you get a DUI driving in a private parking lot?
I moved my car approximately 20 feet in a private parking lot to a space I could leave it overnight without being towed. After I exited my car and was walking way the officer stopped me. Used the fact I didn't have front license plate to talk to me.
In answer to your question you can be stopped and cited in a parking lot. As long as there is a witness to your moving...
I was involved in 2 misdemeanors recently (Hit & Run, DUI) Thankfully there was NO Injuries!! I don't remember anything...
My ONLY previous trouble is a Felony Wreckless Driving and Misdemeanor Hit and Run from 8 years ago. After the recent accident an officer told me when I was in jail the next day that I had jumped off a bridge where the accident occured and that's why I have a severe concussion and soft tissue injuries and it's also the reason I am being charged with a Hit & Run.. I have already requested the DMV trial to preserve my license but have been unable to obtain a police report because of how slow paperwork is due to budget cuts in CA. My Vehicle was registered and insured and the other driver was arrested on DUI as well (the tow truck driver told me the next day when I picked my car up from impound). My BAC was .14 from the paperwork I received in Jail on OCT 27th.. Please Help Me Fight This!!
You can contact my office asap 818 984 2242