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In June of 2012, I was 16 years old and got a DWI while having a provisional license. It was my first offense and I was in violation of Vanessa's Law. My license was revoked and I went through classes, probation, etc. Nearly 2 years later, I'm 18 and still unlicensed. Am I still required to take a driver's education class even though I am over the age of 18?
You should contact the DPS and determine what requirements you have left to fulfill to obtain a valid license....
I got a DUI in North Dakota. outpatient treatment was ordered. I had to move back to minnesota for reason I couldn't control.. I wasn't able to finish the classes but my coulselor told me I could transfer everything to MN unfortuantely that is not the case. I was told I would have take the classes all over again. Go through another evaluation everything I have already done. Is there any way to talk to a judge an maybe get some other ruling if I explain everything that happened and why I had to move and was unable to finish?.. I cannot afford to pay for everything again. NOT to mention finding a way to get to these classes 3x a week and taking off work.. when I've already been through most of the class. This is just ridiculous that it can't be transferred!
You could hire an atty. to make a Motion to the Court o relieve you of this obligation. Perhaps you would benefit from...
I will be 21 next year, will I still need to take the classes?
You need to do what the DPS requires. You should contact them to determine what those requirements are. Good luck.
I was arrested 6 weeks ago for my 2nd DWI. the cop pulled my plates and I went to jail for my 12 hours. I was released with no paperwork at all. not even a ticket or a court date. To this day I still have not received anything. How long does the cop have to file my paperwork and for me to go to court before it is just lost and forgot about. and if they did lose or forget about it, how do I get my plates back. What should I do.
The best thing to do would be to get help from a Minnesota DWI lawyer quick. You only have 30 days to demand a court...
Registration was renewed in August 2014. Incident occurred in December 2014. Do I need to wait until August 2016 for regular plates or just December 2015? Also, if I purchase another vehicle would whiskey plates also be required?
You should contact an attorney to discuss in more detail. Depending on the circumstances you may not have to wait at all.
I was raped and tested for DUI on the same night. I don't know what I blew, but I don't believe I could've been over the limit considering the amount I drank (three beers, one shot) in a seven-hour span. My car has been released from the investigation pertaining to my rape, after they inspected it for evidence. The rape case has been dropped due to a lack of evidence. However, my car is still being held in the impound lot for the DUI, according to the officer that originally handled my case that night. I called an attorney for advice, and he informed me that it isn't within their rights to hold my car with no prior convictions (I have a clean record) and no results regarding the DUI that may incriminate me. The urine sample could take weeks to process. What do I do to get my car back?
Ya. I don't see a legal basis for them to hold the vehicle here. You can retain a lawyer to help you both with...
I recently plead to a careless after originally being charge with a dui for having thc in my blood however I Denied being high or using drugs All together and I was also in custody when I made the deal is there anyway I can appeal it
From the facts given, there is no way to say with any specificity whether or not you can appeal. Whether or not you...