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I have 31 year old DUI conviction will it showup on a background check for employment
no seems to know I need an expert answer and if so, what can Ido to rectify it
It's hard to tell. Really old convictions tend to disappear, even though they shouldn't. I would pay for an iChat...
Sobriety Court
Hello, My name is XXX and I have a question. I live in a community which has a Sobriety Court penalization system for OWI offenses. I understand that the original intent of a Sobriety court was to help rehabilitate those who had lost their license's. It was a way of proving sobriety basically to get a license back. The local Judge has created a hybrid plan which in my opinion is tearing family's apart and costing people their jobs and lively hood. It is not a by choice program. The first issue I have with this program is that they require 20% of your GROSS pay, every week. Middle class workers are hit the hardest. 24 weeks minimum. It also requires you to attend and participate in AA 5 times per week, and to accept the 12 point plan. Is this common ? People are afraid to ask questions.
Sobriety Courts run a strict program with a demanding schedule for those you agree to enter into Sobriety Court. 90 AA...
What can I do to help my situation?
I live in Mi, just recieved 3rd dui with dwlr. 1st offense was 12 years ago as a minor, 2nd offense 5 years ago, which revoked my license. What can I do to better my chances of avoiding jail time? Ive hired a great attorney, began AA classes. I u.dertand theres a problem.
You've hired a great attorney yet you're here asking strangers what you might do? I'm guessing you were drunk when you...
How long until I'm charged?
I got in a car accident, hit a tree, I'm the only one injured (I did have unarmed passengers). I've been in the hospital and know my bac, I haven't heard from police yet. How long do they have to charge me?
Your recitation is a bit difficult to follow but it appears that you may require a consultation with a criminal defense/...
Is it possible I may never be charged with a DWI?
4 months ago I got into a minor accident (in terms of vehicle damage) after I hit a snow bank. The police came to the scene and I was next to incoherent, although it was not clear to the officers that I was necessarily intoxicated (although I assuredly was, between alcohol and prescribed codeine). I was taken to the hospital and they got a warrant for my blood. I have received absolutely no word about the incident from the court, and I do not have a warrant as I have checked weekly since the incident. Today marked the completion of my substance abuse program, which I did both for myself and to help my legal case should it come to that (which I have fully expected it to). I have no idea when or if this whole thing is going to come down on me. Any advice on what to expect now? Thank you!
Check with a local criminal defense atty. They may be backlogged on filing these cases, etc. See if there is anything...
I got arrested for owi, I was diagnosed two years ago with depression and then again right after arrest. can I get it dismissed
its my first offence but suffering from depression...what can I do. if doc would have gave me medication for my depression I would not of been in this state. I only drank when I get very depressed.
They are not going to dismiss it or reduce it past their standard offer simply because of depression. They will only...
What are the chances that a prosecutor will settle an OWPD case?
Is there any chance that a prosecutor would ever work out a deal for a young person on an OWPD charge?
Most prosecutors will offer a reduction as an incentive to avoid trial. Keep in mind, it will still be a substance-...