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Arrested for a 2nd DUI 1 month before ARD was completed, but the court docket for the ARD says "complete" now.
will this issue come up during proceedings for the 2nd DUI? If so, can the ARD completion be reversed?
More information needed to properly address the issue. You will need an attorney for your 2nd DUI, so you will discuss...
What is PSI (pre sentence investigation)
What is a PSI? Are they always ordered for DUI cases or just for repeat offenses?
A PSI is very rarely ordered for first time offense DUI cases. Talk with an experienced attorney about this in the...
I recieved a DWI in NY in 2010. If i recieve a second DWI in PA, can there charge me as my second one and is jail considered?
I recently got into a car accident with a couple drinks in me and have not been charged yet. I am mainly concerned with the jail part. Is jail time a must?
BAC is .08% to .099%. This is an ungraded misdemeanor with a mandatory 5 days imprisonment 6 month maximum jail...
When taking blood at the hospital do police officers need to ask for consent to do a blood alcohol test?
i was involved in a car reck and had a couple drinks in me. I did not sign any paperwork giving consent and i wasn't even confronted with any paperwork for this.
In Pennsylvania there is a "implied consent" law in regard to the taking of blood in a DUI case. The police must advise...
I was approved for house arrest will I physically be put on it at sentencing and will I need to pay this day
driving on a suspended licence that suspention had been up for 2yrs just forgot to pay restoration fee
This is an excellent question to pose to your attorney. He or she MUST be the sole source of information in your case....
On sentencing day will I physically be placed on house arrest and is that the day I will need to pay for it (this is in butler,p
driving with suspended licence (which suspention had been up for 2yrs, just forgot to pay restoration fee.
Not clear if you have already gotten house arrest. Talk to your lawyer for more details.
If I can beat my dui case, will penndot still suspend my drivers license even though I was technically arrested for a dui?
The night of (Saturday) 07/02/2016 in Armstrong County, PA I was stopped for a tail light being out, the police suspected me of being under the influence. They informed me of the situation if I were to refuse a blood test, thus forcing me to take one. Haven't received any results yet, however after the blood test, back at the Barracks a breathalyzer test showed a BAC of 0.028. I plan on hiring an attorney that I have previously spoke to. However, I would like as much input and information as possible, to provide myself with the best means to prevent a suspension because I have already served a 90 day suspension in 2015 for a Truancy Violation from 2005 that Penndot took their good old time, to pursue. At that time, I spoke to multiple attorneys and none of them would help me fight it. I had received an OLL from the prior suspension, and am under the impression that I can not get an OLL to maintain my means of Travel to another County in the State of Pennsylvania to maintain my means of income. Such income, to be able to pay the fines, court costs and all other costs in regards to this pending dui case. Any input or information would be a great help and greatly appreciated.
There is not much to do until the BAC comes back to determine your options.