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If someone was convicted of vehicular homicide and part of the sentence was loss of license for 5yrs, is there a chance to lift?
Convicted of vehicular homicide, sentenced to 3yrs SP and 5yrs loss of license. The 5yrs loss of license doesn't start until the 3yrs in prison is complete. the 3yrs was served and completed back on 19/14/2012. currently having 2 1/2 years left with loss of license left. Not having a license is causing so many issues in my life mainly being limited with work capabilities. What is the chance that I can go back to court and get this suspension lifted to 2 1/2 yrs and be completely done with it since i have already have served 2 1/2 yrs of the suspension. Can someone please let me know if I have a chance at all and if so how to go about this process? Thank you for your time!
There are a number of ways to challenge this, but they are all extremely fact sensitive. You need to find a lawyer...
My boyfriend applied for DACA in 2012 and was approved. Great news, right? Well, everything was going great until very recently
He was arrested for a dui and charged for a tier 1 dui as a 1st offense and only 3 month suspension. Since his daca doesn't expire until this October, is there any way he can still be considered? He is a good hard working person! Everyone makes mistakes and I can't believe how many US citizens can get away with worse crimes and still be forgiven in society but one terrible mistake for an unfortunate person and their whole life shatters. Is there any hope? Please?
It is not entirely clear to me either way that a traffic offense of DWI would be a disqualifier. Speak with a...
My boyfriend just got convicted of a tier 1 dui. Is there any chance that he can renew his DACA before it expires?
He only got a 3 month suspension with fines. He is already protected with DACA as of right now, but it expires this fall. I know (unfortunately only after he got arrested for the dui) that dui's are significant misdemeanors that typically disqualify a person from being eligible for DACA. Is here any hope out there that he may be able to renew or re-qualify for DACA? We tried fighting with what we thought was a reputable DUI attorney. He had great testimonials and was very professional, but when it came to game day, he simply went for the settlement and not the fight. It was very expensive and we didn't have any other options. I've researched but haven't found many cases similar to ours on the internet, hence why I am asking the question. I'm seeking advice from immigration lawyers as well.
Yes, it is possible. Make sure to talk to a reputable immigration attorney.
Suspended in NJ, but moving to can I get a hardship/conditional license?
I received a DUI in NJ in August and am about to have my license suspended in the coming week when I go to the hearing with my lawyer (who feels confident it will be a reduced penalty, but still a suspension). NJ has no provisions for conditional work driver's license, but I recently took a new job in NY. I have established legal residence there already. The NYC DMV says I cannot transfer my license while it is suspended in NJ. Is there any route I can take to request a hardship license or at least get a permit to drive to work in NYS (yes, I know I still cannot drive in NJ)? I will need to commute between Brooklyn and Long Island, which is not practical to do on public transportation.
That is a question that you need to ask a New York attorney. New Jersey cannot authorize that. If the laws allow for it...
I am a 24 year old guy with a completely clean record who was arrested with small amount of heroin, what do I face?
I am a completely clean record. Zero run in with the law before this. I was given a DUI test and passed easily, I was sober (Would never risk other's lives). I cooperated with the police fully. They cuffed me, brought me to the station, took my info and then let me drive home. I am wondering, what kind of punishment am I looking at here? That night would of been the second time I used since Christmas. I have been clean and plan on staying that way, especially after this. Honestly I am scared to death and I am worried I have ruined my life.
First, do not post any further information on the Internet as you have no expectation of privacy and anything you post...
DUI after the fact....
Got into an accident last night - was taken to the ER room where they kept me until morning. In my release form they tell me that I was over the legal limit. No police officer came with me to the hospital, nor was I given any type of ticket or charged with anything when I went the next morning to get my car released. Can they come after me after the fact?
The police can issue a summons anytime within the 90 day statute of limitations. However, if the police were not...
4 months after an can you be charged with dui
a person that im related to was charged 4 months after the accident
Yes. Any statutory limitation period would extend for a term of years. A person may certainly be charged four months later