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First time dui. blow one point above and they made me do it two times. I need my job to pay child support can't loose job.
first time dui. blow one point above and they made me do it two times. I need my job to pay child support can't loose job. I have bin working with the company for over 17yrs and sometimes I need to drive to pick up parts. Please help....
You need to contact an attorney who practices DWI matters in your area immediately. You need to provide the attorney...
Wife had DWI 3 years ago, Rehab, etc. Before filing want to make sure will have little or no alimony to pay
wife abandoned family 20 months ago, all 3 kids, 1 minor live with me. She was Arrested for DWI 3 years ago, Rehab, etc. and created much mental anguish and abuse. she is currently living with a man and woman in nearby Freehold, however I cannot prove adultery at this time. Before filing I want to make sure I will have little or no alimony to pay. Thank you.
You need to consult with an attorney and provide more information such as your respective incomes, the length of your...
Can I file a Post Conviction Relief (PCR) to vacat a prior DWI conviction in which I was represented by an attorney?
I found there were legitimate defenses my attorney neglected.
The short answer is, Yes. You would need to obtain a copy of the transcript from the prior conviction as well as a...
Can a 19 restriction on a North Carolina license restrict your from transferring your license to another state?
I recently moved to NJ and went to dmv to transfer my license from NC. The lady was at the last stage to do it but when she asked what the restriction was I advised her it was just that I can be fined or be considered over a legal limit at .04 as opposed to .08 but it's a fully valid license its not a provisional one. They had no idea what they were doing because they were at first saying I had an interlock in which I clearly don't being my duo was three years ago. They said they had to call NC and then after two hours said they needed time to resolve it. Now my license expired because no one got back to me. I just wouldn't see how I couldn't Move because of a dui three years ago. Can that restriction 19 really hold you from being able to move and drive?
I have dealt with someone who could not get a license for warrants due to a failure to appear 40 years ago in another state.
I have a dwi suspension for 10 yrs, Have 3 to go is there a way to reduce it? Post conviction relief.
I had 3 dwi, im a normal guy, used to drink beer social settings only, not at all in yrs. My first was in 87 fir going 45 in a 35, 2nd police pulled over cars leaving bar on vac down pt pleasant and last in tinton falls. Those last 2 were during a divorce in 2007-9. I have served 7 of the 10 yr suspension. Is there any way to reduce the suspension? Thinking good behavior as no issues since or challenging the 30 yr first dwi? I never received a 2 yr suspension. Im really a normal guy who made an error. The suspension is impacting my life and im just trying to see if something can be done. Thanks
Did you also have to do the 180 days in jail? Did you have attorneys for any of these matters? More information is needed.
How do I prove the truth of a motor vehicle stop that included an illegal search and being falsely arrested?
I was recently pulled over on major highway that passes through some well known drug areas. Myself and a family member don't look like we belong in those areas. We were pulled over because they claimed I failed to use my signal when I know for a fact I used it and the bulbs work perfectly fine. We were pulled over because the color of our skin. They searched the vehicle without permission because they claimed they saw a powdery substance on the floor which was ash from a cigarette and was pretty obvious that's what it was. They searched the passengers bag and found drug paraphernalia. He stated it was his and they proceeded to arrest both of us. Nothing in the vehicle was mine nor were I aware it was in the vehicle. The passenger explained I was not aware and claimed ownership of everything found. I was still charged with paraphernalia. When I attended court, I found out my case was moved to Superior level and once my co defendants hearing was settled, mine would be addressed. I also learned it was now a disorderly persons charge. How am I still being charged with anything when he claimed ownership?
They can charge you because you were the driver in the car and had it in the car. As for the stop it does sound like...
I have been issued an NJ disorderly persons ofns for driving while suspended while being suspended for DUI, the law is 2c:40-26b
My license had been suspended for 2 years for 2nd offense DUI(I blew 089) first in 09 and 2nd in 2016. I got pulled over within 50 yrds of my house, i had to move a car from the driveway to let medical transport pickup my father for his cancer treatment. While doing so I blocked traffic with the car to allow the med transport to get back out - one of those cars was a cop who then pulled me over, ran my info and then wrote me up for not having a breathelyzer as well as the new law level 4 offense 2c:40-26b(driving suspended for DUI). Looking over 2c:40-26b it has a mandatory 180days in jail tied to it, is reviewed at the County level(not municipal) and seems to be never plead down to a lesser offense. The stakes for me are severe: I am a widower with 4 children all under 9 years old. I also support my elderly parents. These people need me working and home. I need the best lawyer, that has knowledge of this new law and significant history in monmouth county. This person should also be able to work closely on a plea ending in no jail/alternative incarceration(which i will pay for myself). I can't lose my kids, I must cover my parents and not lose my job. $ no object
You are correct in one thing, you need the best lawyer you can afford. Prosecutors are not legally allowed to plead...