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If i have a suspended license in wisconsin will it show up in florida if iam stopped by police,for any reason
i had heard that wisconsin driving records are not reported to florida , as wisconsin is not part of reciprocation pact
Yes, it will show up regardless of what you have heard.
My son was charged with OWI but was NOT DRIVING. He was at a single family home, truck was parked in driveway, he was in home.
My son was at friend's home (single family private home), they were fighting, someone called to report fight. 4 or 5 sheriffs came with guns drawn. My son was in garage & his truck was parked in driveway. Officers ignored the reason they came & instead arrested my son for OWI without cause. He was not driving but had a beer at the home. Now they are charging him and order to suspend license. Should he get a lawyer or can he subpenea the 911 call & all officers reports & police car video to prove he was not driving & to prove why they were actually there? Should he request jury trial? He only has this week to do this & to request review for DL suspension. We don't have money for attny. at this time, but need wrongful arrest charges dropped. We only have this week to req. jury trial. Advice?
This is a very complex area, one that few attorneys have the training to handle well. 1. Your son wants to request...
I live in wisconsin and have 1 dui that I was convicted in late 2007 or early 2008.
Ive never went to class or reinstated my liscense. Is there a statue of limitations on the time frame for the assessment or other fees. My fines are paid. When I look on the website it says that I need an assessment and need to pay other fees. My boyfriend got a dui back in the ninetys and he went without a liscense for about 5 years. He just had to reinstate himself and that was the end of it.
You need to retain a good local criminal in Wisconsin to complete your case properly if you are interested in driving...
Are EtG tests used on 5 panel tests?
I made a huge mistake to drinking and ive been released on pre trial for a prescription drug charge. They told me that I have a five panel tests to pass, does that include EtG?
With pretrial monitoring, usually you will be asked to blow into a preliminary breath test device or give a urine...
What to do after I got my first DUI?
I wrapped my car around a telephone pole Saturday night. BAC .38
Get an attorney who deals with OWIs immediately. also get this confession off the internet, if possible.
Is ptsd not considered a defense in a dui?
I had a domestic 7 months ago. For 3 weeks after I had normal ptsd "like symptoms" [i.e. nightmares, anxiety, etc.] But then they went away and I haven't had any trouble since. Well 4 days ago, five hours after a tough session with my therapist I took his advice and socialized with friends for dinner, margaritas and watched the game. I felt fine but I made the foolish mistake of going to my friends apartment (the same apt. complex Where I lived during the domestic) thinking I had overcome my fear. WRONG. Long story short, I was having flashbacks while walking in, I could hear my ex and I fighting in my head and blacked out. Next thing I know, I "snapped into it" on the side of the highway, in my car, reaching for my registration, with a cop asking me if I knew where I was. I had no clue. I contacted my therapist the next day, saw him the day after, he agrees the ptsd got out of hand, the two drinks i had, shouldn't have had me blackout and I now realize this is a serious problem. I wont make the excuse of mental health for my dui, but could it help lessen my sentence if my therapist agrees to speak in court of my condition?
This is not a civil rights question. A diagnosed mental illness is not by itself a defense to any offense, especially a...
Does Wisconsin's implied consent law allow a person arrested for DUI to consult with an attorney before submitting to a test?
Can a person arrested for DUI in Wisconsin call an attorney before being asked to submit to any form of testing to gather information about whether its best to take the test or refuse? And if yes, do officers have to provide phone books to the person arrested for a DUI in Wisconsin?
No, WI does not recognize any such right. All the officer is required to do is read the Informing the Accused form verbatim.