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Can I transfer my husband's title of vehicle into my name after its been seized by the law for DUI and revoked license get it ba
His truck was at home when the cops came to get it. They said he did a hit and run and have a witness saying they saw him driving they took him to jail and he refused the breathalyzer test. The cops never saw him driving the vehicle
transferring the title to your name will not get the vehicle back at this point...and he would need to transfer the...
I finished my community service, and paid all my fines but didn't finish my treatment will they terminate my probation .
I was convicted for my first dui in 2011, before my conviction I quit drinking,I have been alcohol free for over two years.
You need to finish classes to ever get your Driver's Licence back. If you were on supervised probation the officer...
Dwi -V- dui in NC and how long do courts have to have your dwi heard
In NC if charged for dwi. Is it law that courts have 120 days to have u in court? Not dui their is a difference correct?? I thought dui for state can go for year or better on length of misdemeanor in court an dwi is 120 a must an have to. An if they don't have you in court then what??? I
They probably should summons you to court in a matter of days. You should get on avvo's lawyer referral page and see...
Can I get approved again for DACA if I got a DUI?
I recently got a DUI this April and have yet to get convicted. It isn't looking great and my DACA expires in November. I don't have any prior run ins with the law other than a minor traffic incident that got reduced. I've been approved twice and am worried I won't get approved a third time. I pay my taxes and do everything I need to do it was one stupid mistake that I regret. I planned on returning to school this fall. Any advice?
DACA will not be approved with a DUI conviction. Contact a criminal defense attorney & US immigration attorney for...
Can I move interstate from Oklahoma to North Carolina after a first time DUI plead with my interlock in place?
I was arrested for DUI in Arkansas in May. Pled and given 6 months of interlock, fines, classes. I live in Oklahoma. These restrictions apply there as well. I have a job offer in NC and would like to move. I am more than fine with keeping the interlock as long as required. Can this be done? How do I make it happen correctly?
Yes, you probably can move. The only thing that would legally stand in your way is if there is some sort of probation...
Can I appeal decision of telephone hearing officer if I unintentionally missed phone hearing and paid civil penalty fee to Dmv
I mistake had cell phone on vibrate and did not realize until the afternoon so I miss call of hearing officer. I explain and apologize to Dmv. Also tell them am diabetic and have to drive to doctor appts and have pt job in different cities. What can I do so I don't have to turn in plate? I was told by someone at Dmv had until 6/29 to pay since I request hearing. I had been in hospital and had not check mail right away when I got home insurance canceled told auto insurance company this and try to pay but they refused had to get another company currently have insurance. What can I do. When I pay fee lady at dmv say matter is resolved when I ask her what I need to do but I received letter to turn in my plate
Probably at this point, you should have counsel to try to straighten this out. Yes, you can appeal but it will not be...
Can I drive for household maintenance with limited driving privilege in NC?
I just received a limited driving privilege. I was convicted of DWI (level 5) with BAC greater 0.15. In the form that I received, boxes 2 & 3 are checked allowing me to drive for work-related, religious worship or educational purposes at any time and day of the week. However, box 1b) for maintenance of household during standard working hours - is unchecked. Does this mean I can drive only for work but not to get groceries? Or does work-related include such activities? Thanks!
Under an ignition interlock limited driving privilege you may only drive for work-related purposes, not household...