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can I get a passport if i have 3 operating while intoxicated in iowa
Bac was .202 if makes a difference
The look back period is 12 years in Iowa. You will probably be charged with a second offense by the county attorney....
July 2 i was pulled over in my apartment complex and blew a ,18. I have 0 offenses of any kind other a few speeding tickets. By doing community service or other things can all jail time be avoided?
That's a significant BAC. Best move now is to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney in Cedar Rapids.
If its your 1st DUI at what point should you get the interlock device installed in your car.
It depends on when you want to drive on a temporary restricted license. If you have to wait 30 days for the TRL, for...
So if I gave up my license after the 10 days in July and my court date is not until Sept. The penalty is 180 days without a license. Does this mean I would be able to reapply for a regular license in Jan which is 180 days from the time the license was taken or is it 180 after the date sentence which would be March.
The DOT will send you a notice with the reinstatement date. You will need SR22 insurance, a substance abuse evaluation,...
If you had been driving and are sighted for a driving infraction after you have stopped at your residence based on a tip from a third party. This third party called in to the police station to giving a tip that an under the influence driver.had just left there building. Is there a possible defense based on these facts?
Depends on the reliability of the tipster as known to police. Recent Navareete case broadened the police power.
I was charged but pleaded guilty to a lesser, non driving related charge. I pleaded guilty to a charged of having a false/manufactured license.
The DOT can revoke your driving privileges for a chemical test failure or refusal alone. This does not require a...