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I was pulled over for speeding. (80 in a 40). Refused breathalyzer test. Was not made to blow at the jail. I have had a lot of foot injuries in the past and told the officer this before a balance field test was given on ground that wasn't level. I had to hold one foot in the air for a 15 count. I was mad to follow his his finger above my head with my eyes and did that easily. I only waived my right to counsel because I thought I wouldn't have money for a lawyer. So I signed the waiver and plead no contest. Court was on the 8th and I have 30 days to appeal.
You waiver to counsel was knowing and done under oath. So, now after court you want to appeal, but to do so you need...
She is currently in jail on a 4,375 bond which includes fines/fees she is due for court on 8/2 and i'm trying to see if they will let her being that she spent time in jail already on the failure to appear or will we have to bond her out? this is her first offense for dui
I'm not an AR attorney, however in California where I practice this is something that is routinely done. Contact your...
I was pulled over because I didn't know any cops were anywhere, and I was fixing to miss the road I needed to turn on, so, I turned real fast so I didn't miss it. The cop charged me with everything he could think of, even no seatbelt and I had my seatbelt on!! Anyway, when he asked about drugs, I told him what pill I had took, trying to be Miss Good Citizen, because I wasn't any longer under the influence on them. And, he wouldn't listen to nothing else I had to say about it!! They wanted to do a blood test, and I refused because I don't like needles and I wasn't even guilty of anything. I'm also worried I have too many driving on suspendeds and could get jail time for that. I'm disabled, for chronic pain, and the jail won't give me my meds. What should I do and can I get house arrest?
There are a number of possible defenses to your case, but the quality of those defenses can only be fully known by an...
My not so intellegent husband was pulled over for DWI and had my 5 year old in the car. His BAC was 0.12%. They arrested him for DWI and Endangering the Welfare of a Minor 2nd. Does he need an attorney for this? He is obviously guilty so should he just plead guilty? What are the possible outcomes for him? Also, he had 2 DWI's 13 years ago, and a Domestic Battery in the 3rd charge 2 years ago that resulted in 4 days jail time.
He absolutely needs an attorney and right away. I would contact an attorney in your area that has a lot of experience...
Stopped drinking 2 hours prior before driving. In front of my driveway. Police sped up behind, said I was speeding,but I wasn't..passed the field sobriety..telling him i was in front of my house. The breathalyser was not functioning properly even after multiply attempts and the cop said I was doing it right.but would have to go to the station..that machine showed a different number but it couldn't be determined what the correct percent was. The attorney says the paperwork showed that it was not working correctly. Now it is going to a jury trial and the dash cam has not be brought into play
Doesn't make much sense if you have evidence that the machine was not working. Dropping the DUI is evidently because...
I'm not guilty. I was completely sober. It's supposed to go to Little Rock District Court next, but I need to know how to file the appeal.
Contact the clerk of the district court TODAY to see what the appeal bond would be and if they have the paperwork for...
I told the officer that I refused because I occaisionally smoke marijuana, and they would see that on my test results and blame that for the DUI; but I did not even smoke that day!!
Sounds like you did the right thing and with a good lawyer, you should win this case.