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What are my rights while on probation?
I am on probation for a year for my second drink driving but my first super drunk charge? I served 22 days in jail prior to my sentencing. Per court order for my sentencing I am on sober link which requires me to blow 5 times a day complete an rstat program pay all my fines and so counseling once a month and random drop once a week all for a year. Well my sober link has been fine I have completed my r stat program and have paid off Al my fines and I have not drank since March 2017. But my random drops keep coming back diluted by my cretine level being low. So I seen my probation officer and now she has upped my testing and by that I mean random drops which are etc urinalysis tests to 3 times a week AA two to three times a week and to start sober link all over again. All because my urine tests are diluted and I literally drink coffee in the am and diet coke throughout the whole day!! HELP ME PLEASE
You can hire an attorney to see if he/she can speak to probation. Otherwise, you can comply with what probation tells...
License revoked in Florida for 4 DUIs. Live in Michigan. MI says there is a hold from FL and I can't get my MI license.
Per FL, my license was revoked May 24, 2004 for 4 DUIs. Not all DUIs were in FL. My last DUI conviction was in 2004. I have lived in Michigan since 2004 and have gone through the hearing process to be cleared to drive in MI. I was cleared a few years ago and issued a temporary license, but was told that FL had placed a hold on my license and I was not able to get my permanent license. What do I need to do now to get my license in Michigan? Thank you for your time and input.
A hold from a different state will prevent a person from obtaining a license in another state. You need to contact an...
I have a friend who has been charged with 8 counts, 4 of the counts are controlled substance 2nd sub offense double penalty
he has been charged with fleeing, assault, resisting arrest of a police officer, driving on suspended license 2nd offense and CS sub 2nd offense high misdemeanor double offense penalty. What is the "normal sentence for these crimes? he does not have a lawyer yet but will be searching, he has a cash surety bond of 150k
There is no "normal", but each offense - depending on the actual charge - carries it's own punishment range. They will...
I violated my owvi probation, whats going to happen?
I had THC in my system, I got pulled over and received an owvi. I got 9 months probation I finished 8 months and paid all my court fines. but I was supposed to take 2 drug classes that would have costed $400 i couldn't get the money and I still had 60 hours community service to do. I left Michigan and im currently in AZ thinking about turning myself in, but I really don't want to go to jail. Would should I do and what's going to happen?
You should hire an attorney and arrange a time to turn yourself in on the warrant. This issue is not going to go away....
I have had 2 DUI's, 2007 and 2009. How do I go about getting my lisence back?
2007 and 2009 DUI's. How do I go about getting my license back.? I heard one will drop off but it is on my driver record from SOS. It says driving status ineligible. License not valid: expired.
You will have to show treatment and sobriety for at least the last year or two. That is no drinking at all. Additional...
How long does it take to be brought up on DUI/OWI charges in Michigan?
In the beginning of February I made a mistake, I used prescription drugs that were not for me and I hit a mailbox. Somebody reported my license plate number, I was picked up by police twenty minutes later or so. When I went there they drew my blood, I did not admit to taking any substances, my question being does it take that much longer to bring somebody up on charges seeing as it's a drug related DUI/OWI?
Yes. It takes much longer for charges to be filed when a blood draw for drugs is involved. Your blood will be tested in...
Today i was told i no longer have to drug test . But my court date is next friday . Would they drug test me at the court
I havent smoked in 9 months im a minor and i just really want to smoke and chill with my friends
Hold your temptation back. Your probation is not over until you have a court order of discharge in your hands. Don't...