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If I plea no content for a dui vehicle code 23152(b). Will I not be applicable to renew for the deferred act?
If I can I need a strong lawyer in the San jose area
"No contest" has the same legal effect as a guilty plea and results in a DUI conviction, which can exude you from DACA....
I have to renew my work permit but i was charged with a dui first offence will this qualify me?
i got my work permit from the dream act.
do everything you can to get the charge lowered. Or you lose everything
Does a wet wreck less disqualify a person from differed action
I applied for daca and received a dui. Should i plea to a wet wreck less or will it disqualify me as if it was a dui?
in my opinion you shouldn't plead to anything prior to consulting and immigration attorney. if you are being offered A...
The Judge didn't order me to take classes for a DUI but suspended my license for 6months do I still have to take the classes?
I went to the County clerk and she told me that I wasn't ordered to take any classes and in the paperwork it stated that Driver license ordered suspended in lieu (or instead) of Alcoholic program. So what does this mean in the state of California?
Something sounds incorrect. Maybe you should discuss this with the attorney who represented you. If you plead guilty...
My 18 year old daughter got her first dui in Monterey ca on 01/14/2014. will she be able to get a restricted drivers licence to
how long will this be on her driving record
The DMV consequences for underage drivers are much more severe than if your daughter was 21. She has ten days from the...
Do I have a case for dui (w/refusal) dismissal?
I got the dash-cam video from DA. The cops never supplied a "working" copy. Dash-cam shows: A. the cop never admonished me, counter to his testimony during a Ca. DMV hearing. B. Cop complaining, he won't get "credit" for d.u.I., prior to SFST. C. Cop says "nothing obvious", after initial talking w/me, after "high-risk" stop. B. Same cop saying I'll get a DUI, prior to SFST. C. Cop saying, I was speeding, though video shows, I was stopped @ a stop-sign, when I 1st appeared on dash-cam. D. Cop wrote, I only ate a burrito, in report, though I'm heard saying, "I had a burrito and some tacos". E. Cop says I was swaying, no such behavior visible. I was articulate (no slurs/confusion), polite, quickly responsive, & co-operative. F. Video ran out. SFST was not recorded.
Sounds like you have some arguments to make, but that doesn't mean your case will be dismissed. The key factors are...
Can 2 DUIs affect the road to citizenship?
I got 2 DUIs back in 2000. I am a permanent resident in California. I am thinking of becoming a citizen. I'd like to know if the DUIs can affect or deny my citizenship?
No. Those two DUI convictions can no longer "affect the road to citizenship" iF you had no other convictions after that....