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  • Marietta man arrested

    Monday | via Easley Progress 

    According to arrest warrants, Tony Calhoun Fulmer, 66, of 139 Lake Circle Road, was taken into custody and has been charged with second degree Criminal Sexual Conduct with a Minor and Sexual Exploitation of a Minor. Officials at the Pickens County Sheriffs Office stated Fulmer was arrested without incident in his home by deputies and is currently being held at the detention facility under a Magistrate's "No Bond" ruling.


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  • Sheriff: Upstate man arrested, charged with sexual m...

    Sunday Apr 23 | via WMBF 

    The Pickens County Sheriff's Office says an Upstate man is in custody on charges of sexual misconduct with a minor. Chief Deputy Creed Hashe said 66-year-old Tony Calhoun Fulmer of Marietta was arrested on Sunday at about 11:30 a.m. without incident.


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Marietta Law

What do I do if I was arrested for dui, and I wasn't driving?
Friends of ours came in the club and told me she was wrecked in a ditch!! So I come out and see her car in the ditch with the lights on! I run to her and she's drunk behind the wheel. So I put her in "the car I was in" and a friend of ours dropped her off. Ok, the police pulls up and see me trying to get the car out the ditch, I told them what happened and they said ok. Literally ok!! We were waiting on a tow truck that the officers called for, a state trooper pulls up asking the officers questions then he came to me. So I asked him politely why are you asking me for my ID? That's when he said he wants to do the drinking test, on me.. I refused, cause yes I was drinking, I was at the club, but I was not driving at all!! He locked me up, I still had to help her get the car out the pound, and they took and suspended my license!! I had a lawyer and he pushed my court date back, but he didnt want to work with me because I lost my job at the time for not having a ready reliable ride everyday, so I've been waiting for my court date and it hasn't came yet.. it happened on May 22 2016 and I went to the DMV and they said that my license is suspended with a $100 reinstatement fee!! Adsap t
You would be well advised to obtain a criminal defense attorney, prior to the trial date. Hopefully the woman whom you...
When the office of motor vehicle hearings has ruled that the actions by the department be rescinded.
I was convicted of a DUI after DMVH had determined my driving privileges are clear. I thought it was all over until a magistrate found me guilty at a bench trial that I was not present for.
You would be well advised to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney, as there may also be an outstanding...
Autistic wife, driving no license first offense ever. One block from home
Summary court wanted thirty days jail. Now its going to jury, solicitor filed. I have five kids and a special wife and no one will help. 93.7 is following our case.
There are facts missing here if jail is on the table for driving without a license and its a first offense. Get a...
I was asking a question to the executive director of a non profit senior program the site coordinator comes out
She got the wrong impression and thought I was saying something about her she waited until she had left she coop a attiitude with me and said things that was not professional and screaming for me to shut up and she didn't want to here anything I had to say then she told me I was suspended fron the senior program,she also said I was a hater and hated my life all this the only thing I said to her was she didn't have the right to suspend me and I was going to call the director.she had push my bottom I became angry had finally used a cuss word can a non profit organgzatiion suspend me from the program
S.C. is an at will employment state allowing for firing and worker's compensation. You may wish, however, to speak to...
I lost my license for DUI in Florida can I get one in South Carolina
I currently live in Florida lost my license for DUI for two years currently on probation till next July but I'm planning to move to South Carolina around March will they honor my license suspension from Florida or will I be able to get a license when I'm there
They likely will if Florida is part of the Compact of States that share information. If not, I would advise you to be...
How do i get these 9yr OLD charges from Kingman AZ behind me?
I was charged with driving w/o insurance and DUI within two months of 2007. My baby momma took off to SC with the kids and I had to come fight for custody. I've lost everything I owned since and have not been able to take care of the charges from here. AZ won't honor the SC interstate program. AZ tells me to come back and turn myself in. The problem is, SC won't give me a license till AZ releases it. I have no license to make money to get there and I don't know anyone there as I am from SC. PLEASE HELP! This is my first and only DUI and it has destroyed my life and that of my family. P.S., I only had a bac of .84.
You are in a bind. the best way to start is to hire an attorney in AZ. Money is always an issue but you must find a...
Can I get a mandated order lifted due to case circumstance?
Arrested for DUI in Greenville, SC in 2006. Refused to blow. Found not guilty.Did not attend ADSAP. Still have a block on DL in SC, and any other state when trying to get CDL. I am from Florida, have a Florida DL, and had the DL at the time. I still have the Fl. DL. I have tried several times to get what information I need to attend ADSAP, but have received no preapproved clinics I can attend, and also told I could not attend in SC. I want to get this removed. I have not received any traffic infractions since that time. I will offer no testimony to the original case, but I do want to have my verdict understood as Not Guilty. Can this be overturned so I can go on and get my CDL?
Who told you that you cannot attend in SC? Are you a resident of Fl now or of SC? There is plenty of information on the...