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  • Full of anger

    10 hrs ago | via Marietta Times 

    A woman who had a history with Mitchell Ruble gave lengthy testimony in Washington County Common Pleas Court Friday, claiming that Ruble once told her that the Washington County Sheriff's Office would be better off if Lt. Ray "Joe" Clark was dead.


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  • Back to 2/7/81

    Wednesday | via Marietta Times 

    Witnesses described a broken window, a footprint and an attempt to secure a crime scene as two emergency first responders and a former Washington County Sheriff's Office deputy took the stand Wednesday during the first day of testimony in the murder trial of Mitchell Ruble. Opening statements and the first three of what is expected to be about 54 witness testimonies began Wednesday in the courtroom of Washington County Common Pleas Judge Randall Burnworth.


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  • Ruble jury seated

    Wednesday Oct 7 | via Marietta Times 

    A jury is officially in place for the murder trial of Mitchell Ruble in Washington County Common Pleas Court, with opening statements expected to begin this morning. Like Monday, the majority of men and women called to sit on a jury raised their hands when asked if they knew anything about the 1981 murder case of Washington County Sheriff's Lt.


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  • Couple sold crack out of Marietta hotel

    Sunday Oct 4 | via Marietta Times 

    On Friday, agents with the Washington County Major Crimes Task Force and the Washington County Sheriff's Office Special Response Team executed a search warrant at the Red Roof Inn on Pike Street in Marietta. Joseph Cattling, 41, 1004 E. 14th Ave., Columbus, and Meriah Shay Dunn, 25, 50 Harris St., Newport, were both found in a room at the hotel with 10.14 grams of crack cocaine in a cigarette pack; 5.55 grams of marijuana; around $3,400 in cash; and digital scales.


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  • Police

    Thursday Oct 1 | via Marietta Times 

    Two phone scams are currently being reported by local residents. In the first scam, the caller informs the victim that they have won a sweepstakes-type of contest and are the winners of a luxury vehicle, such as a Mercedes, BMW or Cadillac and a large cash prize.


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  • Michigan pair arrested locally on heroin charge

    Tuesday Sep 22 | via Marietta Times 

    Two Michigan residents staying at a Marietta hotel were arrested with nearly 20 grams of heroin Friday by officers of the Washington County Major Crimes Task Force. Agents with the Washington County Sheriff's Office task force executed a search warrant at a Marietta hotel in the 700 block of Pike Street Friday after receiving information that Deja Robinson, 20, of 24009 Pheasant Run, Novi, Mich., and Gregory McLaughlin, 21, of 23221 Kenosha St., Oakpark, Mich., had been staying at the hotel and had left drug trafficking materials behind.


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  • Judge dismisses case vs. doctor

    Friday Sep 11 | via Marietta Times 

    A trial for a Marietta doctor accused of misdemeanor counts of obstruction of official business and falsification was stopped Wednesday, after the judge decided there was not enough evidence to go forward. The case against Roger D. Anderson, 57, of 4450 Barnett Ridge Road, Fleming, has now been dismissed.


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  • Woman in drug bust sentenced

    Sep 1, 2015 | via Marietta Times 

    A Marietta woman who was among several people involved in a March heroin and cocaine drug bust at a Marietta home was sentenced to 90 days in jail and five years of community control in Washington County Common Pleas Court Tuesday morning. Courtney M. Lamp, 28, of 108 Berry Lane, was sentenced by Common Pleas Judge Ed Lane Tuesday after explaining that at the time, she was in a bad place and with bad people.


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  • 5 arrested in Vincent home invasion

    Sep 1, 2015 | via Marietta Times 

    Five arrests were made Monday and Tuesday in connection to a violent July home invasion following the return of secret indictments by a Washington County Grand Jury. The individuals' names were not released in the original grand jury report until they were located to prevent the possibility of any of the suspects taking off, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.


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Marietta Law

How do I get my license back from an out of state DUI while in another state working?
I was arrested Feb 4 in Wood County, WV for a first offense Aggr. DUI. I am licensed in Oklahoma but currently living in Ohio for work. I hired an attorney that told me he would help with both criminal and administrative hearing. He did not follow through. I was dropped to a Non Aggr. DUI in WV but the WVDMV did not send my information to my new address in OH as requested and after my suspension notice never arrived my lawyer suggested I had slipped through the cracks and not to worry. In August I was pulled over for failure to signal and found my license was suspended in OK - Is there an easy way to get all of my penalties under one state WV requires interlock - OK requires 180 day suspension - both require a DUI class and fines and in neither state I had a Admin hearing. Please Help!?
You will need to complete all the terms of your reinstatement. Through DMV you generally have to complete the...
WV resident with a Marietta, OH DUI. Paid fines, fees, sent proof of insurance and did classes.
Still haven't gotten my clearance. Still on the NDR. They (OH) posted my payment, but not proof of insurance. Why?
That's hard to say without seeing the whole case. It could just be paperwork and bureaucracy. How long have you been...
I got OVI 7/16 in Ohio. I have WV drivers license. By checking online with WV DMV website, my license is active.
How long until it catches up with me?
That's difficult to say. It's all a matter of how long the various bureaucracies take to do their paperwork. It could...
How long can arizona dmv keep your license suspended?
I got a DUI in 2009 in Arizona. I am now in Ohio , I checked on getting my license back in 2010-2011 and was told I had to get a breathalyzer. I had a breathalyzer for a bread time until I was no longer able to afford it after having my stage 3 cancer removed. I now want to drive again and don't know where to start.
You should hire a lawyer to look into this, and what needs to be done to lift the suspension. No one on this website...
How long will a warrant stay active in Ohio
for a DUI
Forever, unless you clear it up or get arrested. @BangerterLaw
2nd offense OVI arrest (1st conviction 2007). Can charge be reduced if no breathalyzer result?
I was pulled over for left of center. State trooper asked if I had been drinking & I said I had a drink with dinner 4 hours earlier. He said he smelled alcohol & my eyes were bloodshot. He took me to station for FST & breathalyzer. Breathalyzer resulted in 3 invalid samples. I completed FTS walk and turn tests-didn't have to stop & start and didn't stumble. Completed leg raise test without falling or problems balancing. These tests were done one hour after the initial stop. I was cooperative, though crying alot. Since there is no breath test, is there a chance I could get this reduced to a lesser charge even though its my 2nd offense?
An experienced DUI defense attorney will review the police report, the record keeping of the machine, available videos...
I am 33 this is my first offense, I refused breath test, althoughI took the heel toe and and stopped on my own. charged omvi
Im 33 years old and very close to obtaining my nursing degree.....this happened in washington county, I have a chance. Officer stated I went off the right side (white line) and my eyes were red. He had been sitting within a mile from the bar and possibly saw me pull in or out. I bartend part time at this bar and have already been pulled over two months ago and followed home several times.
Do you have a chance? Sure, but you're looking at a trial, with no guarantees. There should be somebody in Marietta who...