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Can I still get a Florida nursing license while on non reporting probation?
I currently licensed in Ohio and want to move to Florida. I have had 2 DUI's within the past 2.5 years. Will I have problems?
This is a licensure question. You might want to check with the board of nursing in Florida for exclusions from licensure.
Now can i fight inerlock violation when alcohol was not involved
i am being punishfor violation of my interlock because of a food fail. have paper work to prove that alcohol was not involved
Your best way to fight anything is to hire an attorney to assist you with the fight.
Violation of probation from DUI
Hello all. My husband got his first DUI charge in 2012. He went to his classes, they put him on probation and put an interlock machine in his car for 6 months. One day - at almost the end of his 6 month period - he had a cocktail at lunch around 1pm with the company, his shift was over at midnight, but the machine still read it as a violation. I'm no even sure what ensued after that because he turned the interlock machine in, but since he blew dirty that one time, it was considered a violation of probation. He's had an open warrant out since march of 2013. He retained a lawyer and has a court date on Monday. Will he have to do time - a day, a week, a month - considering the original charge was DUI and he violated probation and this is a warrant that's been open for 3 years...??? I'm nervous about his court date...just wanting to get some advice on some of the possibilities to expect. He does have priors but that was over 20 years ago when he was in his late teens, early 20s. Thank you!
You have good reason to be nervous, but can't accurately predict any potential jail time at this point as it depends on...
Can a driver's license be reinstated in Fla if there are 4 DUI convictions in Ohio, all more than 25 years old?
My 64 year old cousin has 4 DUI's from Ohio that are all more than 25 years old. Because of these, Florida permanently revoked his driver's license in 1992. Is there anyway for him to get it back so that he can drive around his elderly mother who needs help now?
He may be eligible for a business purpose permit. Have him call the Bureau of Administrative Reviews and they can...
Can I travel abroad for a few days while DUI case pending?
Got a DUI in January of this year and the case has been postponed every month. Next hearing is August 15th. I've never been arrested or been in trouble with the law. I'm a legal permanent resident and I need to travel outside the states for about 4 days due to a family issue that I need to take care of. That would be on the 19th of August. I'm not in probation or anything and bailed my self out when I got arrested. Question is, I'm a going to have any issues at customs coming back in due to a pending DUI case? I trust my lawyer but then again he is not an immigration lawyer so just looking for different opinions. Thanks for the potential answers and taking your time to answer my concerns.
This is an immigration question, not a DUI question. You need to post it again under that category.
Can i still get a tourist visa for the uk with a pending dui trial.
I was arrested for suspected dui in june 2013 and currently the case is still pending with my first court appearance scheduled for 15 september. I need to travel to the uk to complete a week of exams and then back to the usa for work. I am a south african citizen with b1 b2 visa for the usa. This is my first offense ever with no prior history. One of the questions on the visa application form is whether you have ever been convicted of a crime and then the following question which asks if you currently awaiting trial? Thanks in advance for any information regarding this.
Most attorneys here practice U.S. laws and this question is posted on U.S. immigration law. Your question is about U.K....
Can I get charged with an offense as a passenger of a Drunk driver who was driving my car.
A friend and I went out drinking before heading home I told him lets get a cab. He insisted that he was safe to drive, so I allowed him to drive my car. On the way home he was pulled over for speeding and arrested for DUI. Officer also found an empty small (shot sized) bottle of vodka in his backpack. The arresting officer allowed me to call my parents to pick me and the car up without charges. My friends lawyer wants me to sign this paper : "I, ______________________, do hear by swear to the following: I am the Owner of a XXX vehicle that was being driven on XXdate by my friend XXX. On that date an empty bottle of alcohol was found. I was present in the vehicle when XXX was pulled over.  The bottle of vodka belonged to me. I swear to the accuracy of the foregoing. ..... I emailed back saying it was not my bottle of alcohol. But should i sign this even with that line changed?
You cannot sign an affidavit that contains false or incorrect information. You are swearing to the truth of it, so if...