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I going 40 and a 45 the officer pulled me ove I blowed into the blower on side of the road two times and I blowed at the office?
I really don't understand the question but I was just trying to find out what should I do about this should I plead guilty or not guilty
The "blower" that you are apparently referring sounds like a preliminary breath testing device or PBT. If the officer...
Does dhr typically require drug test even if the reported allegations were NOT drug related?
My landlord is targeting my family. She has a personal vendetta against us, she called DHR and made false allegations. A worker came today, I was very upset but cooperated, allowed her to check my home. These allegations are not drug related, so will they require us to submit to drug test, and can I refuse? Do they need probable cause(a complaint against parents for drug use) to request drug test?
1) I cannot tell you with any degree of certainty what I am going to have for dinner, much less whether or not a given...
What do i need to know about representing myself and asking for a deferred prosecution?
I am a 22 year old female with no priors, i have been charged with a DUI controlled substance, i was asked not to lie therefore i told the truth, at the time the cop pulled up on me i was actually parked texting my bf to find out which waffle house he was at so that he could drive me home. i didnt know that the anxiety meds my mom had given me would have such a strong effect on me. i have a full time management job and i am prepared to throw myself at the mercy of the court and do whatever it is i have to. it would be nice not to have this on my record any advice would be much appreciated. given i have court tom. on this issue.
If they have deferred prosecution, you should ask for it. If not, they have to prove you guilty. If no blood test,...
, what should i expect going to court on a driving under the influence of a controlled substance charge? do i need a lawyer?
do i need a lawyer? this is my first offense, i am a 22 year old female. i was under the influence of a nerve pill, which i did not have a perscriptiton for. im really worried, i need to know how much money i need to have for court, what are the reprecussions if i plead guilty without a lawyer. or do i just need to find a lawyer anyway?
First Alabama DUI 1st Drunk Driving Conviction Imprisonment – Up to 1 Year or, Fine – From $600 to $2,100 or Both...
Dui Reckless endangerment charges were dropped how do i get my cdl liscense back
Had a dui and reckless endagerment charge. went to court and charges were dropped. State has cdl liscenses how do i get my cdls back?
It appears that you have ommitted some facts. Was your CDL disqualifed after submitting to (or refusing to submit) to a...
Why hasn’t my license been suspended yet for DUI?
I have a pending dui and was not arrested. Will my license get suspended when I get summoned for court? It has been a month and I checked to see if my license has been suspended on ALVerify and it is still valid. I am stressing because I don’t know what’s going on??
There appear to be some facts missing - you state that you have a "pending DUI and was not arrested." That is a legal...
What happens if parolee gets DUI after moving to a new state 1,000 miles away?
Sequence of events: 1) Parolee moved 1000 miles away after getting out on parole from assault charge. 2) Parolee has new parole officer in new state. 3) Parolee gets DUI in new state. So what happens now? Will he/she have to go back to State where he/she was original incarcerated? One cop said "No way, it's too expensive, he'll have to get picked up at some point down there" and another one said "It's the law, he has to go".
It depends. Different states have different laws concerning parole violations. So, it depends on the law of the state...