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I am 19 and I just got my first DUI?
I am attending college on a scholarship I’m worried I will lose this I’ve never had anything on my record before and I’m terrified. I have called an attorney I will meet Wednesday but haven’t spoke about it yet. Please help.
Moving this to DUI section so you can get better advice. Although it sounds like you've done the right thing and...
Can I transfer my 2 DUI's in Florida to Michigan?
Completed probation, no warrants in Florida. I just have a HOLD from Florida. Michigan says they cannot help until I can remove the HOLD. I have to move back to Florida, complete my $500 class, own a car and have an a breather for 2 years in Florida??? I don't minding this but I live in Michigan with my kids. Thanks
Michigan will not give you a driver's license until you can qualify for one in Florida. You are not the only person in...
Can I get a job with the state of Mi if I have prior DUI's on my record?
I'm wanting to apply for a job through the state of Mi as an assistance payments worker, and was wondering if it's worth applying for? I got a DUI in 2010 and 2011, but since then I have not gotten into any trouble, I have my license and am no longer irresponsible as my past shows. This was six and seven years ago, and just wondering what my chances might be. I'm not sure if this was the right place to ask this, but I guess it can't hurt to ask anyways. Thank you in advance!
It is best to contact the state of Michigan to find out their requirements. However, I always go by, If you don't try -...
Can you wear a alcohol tether in jail
Went to court they release me. Never stamped and sent officer with with release papers so I sat there with a new bracelet on and for another day due to there mess up and sat on a warrant that sat active but never existed at that time
Your question is not very clear and seems more like a valid complaint about a paperwork mistake.
Will my po find out about a ticket I received in another county ?
I’m on probation for a misdemeanor dui from earlier this year. I got a ticket the other day in a different county for driving with a suspended license. Will my po find out about this ticket even if i take care of it by showing up to court and paying the fines?
Probably since its a misdemeanor to drive with a suspended license.
How long do the police have to charge me with dui in Michigan? I was taken to hospital and released 6 hrs later on 11/22/17.
My car was impounded and they want to talk with me tomorrow before I can get my car. My car was stopped in the middle of the road when an ambulance was called. Then I was taken to the hospital. Can they arrest me and charge me with dui? The incident took place on 11/22/17
The hospital has your blood. They can charge you. The statute of limitations is measured in years, not days. Don’t...
Can I get my court fines reduced after pleading guilty to an impaired driving charge?
I was arrested for blowing a .08 and charged with an OWI, it was reduced down to a visibly impaired charge, which is a $300 fine. After accepting the plea, I went down to the clerk to receive the paperwork and noticed that I was being charged $2000 in court costs. Is there any way to get this cost lowered? I am going to school and working both full time and I cannot afford this.
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