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What happens after Service Returned Not Served? Does this person still have time to do?
Def enters plea of guilty pursuant to plea agreement with the State of IN; Plea and Snt hearing held Judgment Judicial Officer: Cloud, R. Michael 1. 35-43-5-3.5(a)/FD: Identity Deception • Dismissed with Prejudice 2. 35-43-4-2(a)MA: Theft • Plea by Agreement 08/12/2014 Sentenced Judicial Officer: Cloud, R. Michael 2. 35-43-4-2(a)MA: Theft Confinement to Commence: 08/12/2014 County Jail Term: 365 Days Jail Credit: 6 Days Suspended: 359 Days Comment: $379; 1 year IP, minus time executed, complete 24 hours CSR; fees due 2/12/15 09/03/2014 Service Returned Not Served unclaimed, unable to forward ****This person has been arrested multiple times since this case
You cannot be serious. Are you that obtuse? If there was an effort to get the person back to court and the notice was...
Do I need a attorney
I was pulled over November 12 2013 they said I was weaving I had taken my prescribed medication percacet morphine 1 day shy of ten months I had a warrent served for class a mistermenter endangering a person and class c mistermeaner driving with schedule 1 & 2 in body oxycodon I wasn't arrested cop just took me to hospital drew blood said if comes back OK your free to go he said your free to go took number address and said you just need a driver he also let friend drive with suspended license from traffic stop point to hospital
You got pulled over, over a year ago, and you are just now asking if you need an attorney? Were criminal charges filed...
Can Indiana BMV suspend you for HTV seven years after the initial offense?
Arrested in 2006 for DUI was 3rd in 8 years but was never charged as a HTV. reinstated in 2011, then re suspended in 2012 as HTV
It's complicated. Technically you became a 10-year HTV in 2006, whether they suspended your driving privileges or not....
When can I get my license back with 3 dui charges in Indiana.
Hello all. First off any advice is greatly appreciated. I have a situation I have been dealing with and need a fresh perspective. I have 3 dui charges in the state of Indiana. my third while I was on probation for the second one and currently have 2 felonies. I am currently on the DADs program and just completed the drug court treatment program with no sanctions or negative remarks. I got the duis while using ambien. I was at home and took ambien after drinking and woke up in jail the past two times. I would take an ambien and wake up in the middle of the night and not knowingly take more. Then wake up in jail for a dui. I was extremely depressed and dealing with a parents suicide and dealt with it the wrong way. I am alcohol and ambien free for over 2 years and never felt better. I was classified as a HTV and lost my license for 10 years. I am single and work full time. I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and 6 years military service with honorable discharge. I am not a bad person was just in a bad spot and ended up in an even worse situation. Now I drive a scooter while I have a truck that's paid off just sitting in the driveway. Is there any stipulation on a drivers li
You may be eligible for Specialized Driving Privileges. You need to discuss this option with your criminal defense...
Just got a DUI, will this effect my immigration and entry at airport
Hello, This weekend for first time in 7 years , I made a stupid mistake and got arrested for DUI. I regret it every moment of my life and totally freaking out. I am on work visa here and now worried will this effect my employment or my eligibility to stay in this country and further process. This is my first case ever and now only thing I do is cry and regret. I have got an attorney for the case but just want to know it will effect for my current status and for my immigration process. Totally clean record till now and I promise to keep clean after this thing , No alchohol ever . Please advise
Generally that will cause one's nonimmigrant visa to be cancelled.
I got arrested for a owi in Indiana and the charges were declined what does that mean
I got arrested and they ssid I blew over the limit no blood test was done and i hand not been drinking that day i spent 13hrs in lock up and then bonded out when i went yo court the DA had 72 hrs to review the case. I was told by my bond agent that they would not need to bond me out agsin because the charges were declined
It means the prosecutor decided not to charge you with a crime at this time. Theoretically they can charge in the...
I am violated because I missed a drug test because i forgot to call in what might happen in this case.
All of my test has been clean so I just want to know what might happen I was arrested for a DUI Indianapolis In
It depends. Worse case is they put you in jail to serve out reminder of suspended jail term. Call the attorney who...